When I created this blog back in 2011 I could never figure out what I wanted to write about. I could never fully focus on a theme and it was a bit of a mess. I couldn’t decide what platform I wanted to use and I didn’t know if I wanted to completely post about my personal life. As years passed and life happened I slowly realized my passions and what I truly wanted to pursue and hopefully find an audience who would be interested. I wanted to be able to take everything I am passionate about (which is a lot) and put it here for you to enjoy, laugh and cry along with me 🙂 .

I can safely and honestly say that where I am in life is not exactly how I had planned it out way back when. I initially had my life consisting of going to NYU, becoming a rich and famous actress married to Leonardo Dicaprio and just enjoying life.

Instead I chose not to finish college, drink a lot, chose the wrong men, chose crappy jobs, then hop from job to job and inevitably land a profession I can’t seem to shake.

Starting in 2010 I could slowly start seeing my depression and anxiety catch up to me. I was having a hard time grasping what I wanted in life and not really wanting to do anything. It increased in 2012 when I lost my job and had to go back to a environment I knew I didn’t want to do and just the past 5 months it had been rock bottom.

I knew I couldn’t live like this anymore and it is a constant struggle but I finally came to realize what I wanted out of this little blog I had created 2 years ago.

I want this blog to create an outlet for me. Not just for my passions but for me. For me to step out of my shell, for me to overcome these demons I have. For me to admit, out loud, in writing for the world to see that I am actually suffering from something very scary but also that I can come away from this stronger than before.

So what am I about? What is Rain + Shine about? Lifestyle, mental health, fashion, photography, ME.

It’s probably weird to see fashion and mental health together but fashion is what makes me happy, helping people makes me happy, photography makes me very happy. And, I think all of this makes others happy and I want to be able to help other people.

When I leave this earth I want to be able to look back  & feel satisfied and happy that I accomplished something meaningful in this life.

I want to be able to create not only a fashion blog but so much more. A place where people can come and feel safe, and get advice from looks to life. A philanthropic approach if you will.

How did I come up with Rain + Shine? I went through a few names for this blog but nothing seemed to stick for me. I was living in Seattle and I was propped on my sofa as it poured for the 5th consecutive day and I could not stop dreaming of being some place sunny. Then it donned on me Rain + Shine, living in the rainy pacific northwest but dreaming of a warm sunshine lifestyle.

Well, I hope you take the opportunity to follow my blog and other locations life Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Socialbliss & Pinterest.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. girlychristina says:

    I really enjoyed reading your bio as I can relate to things that make you happy, whether it be makeup, beauty products, pictures, shopping, etc. can and will have a positive effect on your mental health =) It’s important to remember to take care of ourselves so I’m glad you mentioned that!


  2. loveleavelaura says:

    Oh gosh, when Titanic first came out, I had the biggest crush on Leonardo Dicaprio. So I have to admit, I had the same dream as you — to marry him! 🙂

    • Jennifer says:

      Thank you so much for that. I hope your doing good as well. Each day is a struggle for me. Some days are amazing others are really tough. Just an on going battle 😄 I really appreciate your message.

  3. mlle ghoul says:

    Hello! I stumbled upon your blog while looking for reviews on the DailyLook boxes, but I stuck around to read about you. I don’t read many fashion blogs; they make me feel frivolous and shallow (even if that’s not the author’s intent) and so I stay away. Your mention of how “…It’s probably weird to see fashion and mental health together” really struck a chord with me, though. I come from a long line of depressed women, my sister is a mental health counselor, and I myself did a stint as the famous-on-the-internet (that’s sarcasm, mostly) creator of Skeletor is Love, which came to be a huge favorite with the mental health and recovering addict community, so to see someone pair one of secret passions with an issue that’s near and dear to my heart is truly refreshing. I will be certain to check back often.

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