Season 1, Episode 1 of my new podcast: Musings of a Girl

Hey Everyone! I decided a long time ago that I wanted to do a podcast, but I felt like I couldn’t really create a podcast unless I had some type of banter with a co-host or a selection of guests. However, a couple of months ago I just sat down and started recording because I really just needed to talk. I needed to rant, to ramble to go to each side of the spectrum of nonsense and just talk without getting interrupted. To vent.

So, I did just that. And like YouTube it is another great form of free therapy to help with my anxiety.

I initially wanted to keep my podcast a secret, have a little bit of mystery, but the more I think about it the more I am like nah let the world know all of my glory. My woes my missteps my everything. I go back and forth with consistency in my life. The only consistency I have is my job, and food and I so desperately want to get more consistent with my true passions….which, lets me real is always going to have food involved somehow.

So, I’d love for everyone to check out the first episode ‘The Lipstick‘ on SoundCloud which I posted 4 months ago. I hope you enjoy it and if you can think of anything I should talk about definitely leave a comment.



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