New Travel Series

Hey there fellow followers!

It’s been some time since I have posted; which seems to be a pattern with me here. I have been constantly grinding my mental and creative gears trying to come up with ways to continually keep it interesting and authentic to who I am on this blog but often times I come up empty and just keep riding the waves of predictability and routine which is a bland as it sounds.

I have to remember I am not a bland person and I should not be living a bland life. There should be excitement and color and how am I going to inject every aspect of that into my daily life.

When I sit and ponder what it is I want to be when I grow up (surprise I am already adulating) I think of nothing more than travel. As I sit and ponder I am already missing out on so many things so many glimpses of culture and ruins of a centuries old history that make up this world. Yet, I sit, and eat my pizza while watching a TV show I’ve seen a hundred times instead.

This mindful pondering seems to be the narrative of my entire life. pockets of motivation to get out of the rut I am in which lasts maybe a month and then I am back to the sofa feeling sorry for myself. Allowing the self deprecating loathing to take over and allowing myself to be the victim of my own misery.

I just am terrified of waking up and going through the routine I am in that makes me sad. I want to work my way up to being the person I told myself I was going to be.

Now! Having said that the real reason for my post is because I want to start a twice a month series on here about travel. I am not expert and I don’t travel nearly as much as most people do but I do love it. I want to reflect on my weekend renegades and now that the sun is starting to shine and I am becoming less reliable on a warm jacket the weekend trips are going to become more exciting to do. I am going to mostly share locally which is really just places in the Pacific Northwest and Canada since I go to Vancouver BC pretty regularly and talk about my favorite places to go and favorite places to eat. I love finding new places to check out so I am looking forward to sharing my experiences and stories with you.

So, stay tuned for the first travel post soon!


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