How to Look Like You Don’t Feel Like Emotional Sh*t

I have been fairly vocal about my struggles with anxiety and depression. Some days are great, I feel good I feel motived I feel like myself again. Other days are shit. Complete and utter shit. Even taking a shower feels like I moving a bolder and putting any effort into my appearance is the biggest chore I have been given. When these days come, and lately they have been more frequent and I don’t really know why I try so hard to make some form of an effort so I don’t get asked whats wrong. I get out there and fake it till I make it Which if you struggle with depression or anxiety you know how hard it is to put on a smile and act.

So, today I feel like shit. But I don’t want to, so I trying to paint the face of greatness which means trying.

To do that I decided to film a short video of my quick makeup look when I am feeling like emotional shit. I don’t want to do it and doing the video I thought I was going to just burst into tears, handshaking from time to time. My anxiety was at a high and I wanted to die. But, I find that it sometimes is ok to share your weaknesses because in that it makes you stronger. This blog and videos, when I do them, are therapeutic and I need to be more frequent in doing them.

So, take 4 minutes out of your day and check out my new video on my youtube channel.


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