75th Annual Golden Globes

I can’t believe we are already in January and 2018. I feel like I was just starting to get into the groove of 2017. I’ll admit though that 2017 was not the best year for me and for the world but as each year approaches it gives up the opportunity to start a new.

Now, with the new year comes my super bowl, Awards Season. I love it. I simply love it. Each year I create my faux red carpet look of what I would maybe wear to make my walk down the sea of flashing lights.

So, without further ado- Here is my look I’ve chosen for the Golden Globes, 2018 edition.

I am a firm believer that if I were in the spotlight that I would forever be on the border of the worst dressed list. I tend to lean towards certain looks that have the reaction of the tilted head of an inquisitive puppy and then a “huh.” “Really?”
But, I like that. I am fully accepting of my style. I’ll admit as an adult I’ve been less and less adventurous with my style and play it pretty safe on the fashion front. So safe it’s pretty much bordering on boring. I will chock it up to my lack of motivation and my weight gain, BUT none the less I love playing with style and this look I truly love.
I decided to go with a modern take on a gothic Victorian, sort of, at least that is how I envision it.
I LOVE this gown by Elie Saab. I love the high collar, the long billowy sleeves, the ribbons at the wrists, the embroidery. It is some drama and some romance all in one, now who are we kidding romance and drama pretty much go hand in hand, am I right?
I kept the accessories simple, with this dress it doesn’t need to go crazy. I selected a simple Colette Onyx Starburst ring, I thought it was simple enough to not overshadow the gown but gives a little something extra, while being subtle.
The shoes again are a simple velvet strappy heel by Sant Laurant (My favorite designer, just an FYI) and the clutch might a little much with the tassel but I adore it. It has this vintage feel to it. Ideally, I’d love a more Victorian chain purse or something to go with this look, but this vintage Elizabeth Arden circa 1980 clutch is just as good.
The beauty aspect of it is fairly simple. I LOVE a deep red/burgundy/wine color for nails and lips. My favorite nail color is Mac’s Vintage Vamp, however, they no longer carry nail colors unless they come in a collection (super bummer) this Deborah Lippman nail color in the color “Single Ladies” is pretty similar, maybe just a little brighter but still that beautiful deep wine color. I’d definitely wear on my nails and my toes because I just find dark colors on toes in strappy sandals and a formal look very cool. I’d keep my makeup really fresh, a flush of the cheeks, mascara and this or any deep wine or maroon colored lip.
For hair, I am super into the sleek hair look. I’d have the bone straight hair, parted in the middle and then pushed behind my ears. Simple and classic.


I can’t wait to tune in tomorrow, Sunday, January 7th to watch the red carpet arrivals and see all the winners.
Will you be watching?



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