Looking to 2018

For the past several years I have not made a new years resolution because I never keep them. To be frank; I never keep my word to myself in regards to a lot of things.

I want to eat healthier leads to 2 large pizzas, I want to put more effort into my appearance leads to not washing my hair for 3 days and going to work wearing a shirt with a hole in it. I want to travel more leads to me changing my commute to home from work.

I fail at life like a champion.

I am not making any resolutions because I don’t want to be disappointed in myself for yet another year. What I am going to do is take this new year in stride, be more mindful of my choices and how I choose to live each day, if I end up sitting on the couch for solid day eating pizza, I will not let it bring me down but balance it out with being outside for a full day. I will pick my camera up again and remember what it was like when I was doing something I loved. I will take the stairs more rather than rely on the elevator to take me to my apartment. I will vacuum more but if I let some dust bunnies find a home in the corner of my living room I will let them hang out for a few days and not stress. I will make myself a promise to take more time off from work and have more weekend warrior road trips. To explore my surroundings and de-stress from my job. Work to live rather than live to work.

These are not my resolutions; but I choose to no longer fail at life, rather succeed at being a human.


Happy Almost New Years!


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