Holiday Gift Guide: Giving Back

Thanksgiving is over and the Holiday season is here. It’s time to start getting the gift list and checking it twice for your loved ones and heck; why not treat yourself too.

This year has been an interesting one, personally and for the world. There has been lots of sadness with the shootings, and the recent potential lifting of the ban on trophy hunting, it’s made me sad. When someone asked me what I wanted for Christmas and my birthday coming up (Birthday is a week before Christmas) I really didn’t want much. I almost felt guilty asking for something when I felt like I could be giving to people. So, I asked them if they could just donate to an animal charity. I felt better about money being given to a group who could use the money rather than on an item, or if it is an item it’s an item that a portion of proceeds goes towards an organization.

So, I decided to create a holiday gift guide to that person out there who loves to give back with some amazing items that donate a portion of the proceeds or some links to donate to.

Angela Roi



Zuri Collection: Travel Pouch with Aisha Giraffe By Angela Roi $85


Angela Roi has such an amazing line of handbags. I first heard about Angela Roi a few years ago and really became a fan because of the great things that they did with the direction they went on their line. Not only are their handbags and collections all handmade with vegan leather they also donate to animal shelters & organizations. When I first became aware of Angela Roi they were doing their shop by color campaign with each color being a particular organization. (i.e. Pink for Breast Cancer, Green for depression awareness- which is what I purchase) Now they focus on animal rights which I am a huge fan of. I recently purchased one of their pouches from the Zuri collection, you can watch my review here, and I am beyond in love with this pouch. It’s big enough to hold everything I need, cute enough to go out in the evening and it all fits nicely in my purse or tote bag. When you purchase the Zuri Travel Pouch with Aisha Giraffe 5% of your purchase supports work that conserves giraffe habitat and also protects giraffes from being killed for meat.

Definitely check out their selection of bags, backpacks & wallets or even give the gift of a gift card.




My personal favorites from Alaffia. Photo from a few years ago. But still, purchase lip balms and African Black Soap. 


I started using Alaffia years ago and still truly love the products and the empowerment & fair trade work they do. One of my favorite products is their Authentic African Black Soap. It smells amazing and makes the skin so soft. The best part is by purchasing their products you are helping with their Empowerment projects which are incredible. Their goal is to alleviate poverty and encourage general equality. You can order online or shop in store at Whole Foods.


Moorea Seal

Moorea Seal is a local Seattle shop that I adore. They carry some incredibly fun and unique items and 7% of all their proceeds go towards different causes like Animal welfare, Women’s causes mental health and more. I just love that. It makes shopping their even more exciting.

Some of my favorite items there are the TT Ring On sale for $32, the Little V Ring on sale for $33.60. Timmy Faceplanter. And the This is Not a Bowl $14- this is super tiny and perfect for holding rings. Honestly, everything Moorea Seal has in her store I am in full support of and I could go on and on with favorites because there is not one thing I don’t love. They also do lovely little events like a wreath making class coming up. If you are looking for some terrific little stocking stuffers and gifts you can save 10% by using code RAINANDSHINESLOVE now until the end of December.

Amazon + (Red) Foundation

This collaboration I am super excited out. I have been donating to (Red) for years and years. My first purchase was a gorgeous candle & T-shirt (which i still have) when I worked at the GAP in my early 20s. Amazon is selling products by many different brands where 10% of the retail price goes directly to the global fund to fight AIDS. There are brands Like Tart Cosmetics, Le Creuset, Moleskin notebooks and so much more.

Hope Fragrance

The founder of Hope for Depression created a line of fragrances & candle and 100% of the proceeds go directly to the Hope for Depression foundation.


These are just a few ideas but if you really look you can find that many of your favorite brands & stores are participating in some kind of giving back event either everyday or for the holidays.

Whatever gift is given or gift of kindness I wish you all a very Happiest of Holidays!


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