Wanderlust Wednesday-Summer Road Trip

It has been a long time since I have done a Wanderlust Wednesday, and I figured lets start this tradition up again!

Summer is in full swing so why not mentally plan a summer vacation, and what better way then doing a Summer Road Trip. Where are we going? Lets head to the Canadian Rockies and head into Calgary for their Stampede festivities. Now, the Stampede has recently ended but that doesn’t mean we still can’t go to Calgary & the Canadian Rockies.

As a kid we would spend every summer in Calgary because my mom was from there and my grandmother lived there. We’d mostly take a road trip and spend a good 3 weeks in Calgary usually around the Stampede. I still love Calgary as an adult and it’s changed so much but summers in Calgary are pretty great. It gets surprisingly hot in Calgary and my favorite moments are the warm rains and thunder storms. We would sit on my grandmas front stairs eating otter pops watching the rain and lightening storms. They only lasted for a short while but are still to this day my favorite moments of summer.

We would always drive to Calgary make oodles of stops along the way including Radium Hot Springs and Banff National Park. Both places are not to be missed if you ever get the chance to drive through the Canadian Rockies.



Two Jack Lake, Banff National Park Summer 2014




Radium Hot Springs, Canada Summer 2014 





If you’re not familiar with the Stampede it is a week or so long fair that gets kicked off by a parade which truth be told I don’t actually remember the last time I went to the parade but the Stampede is a tradition the entire city comes out for. Businesses are all decked out in their Western décor. It is at the Stampede fair grounds in downtown Calgary and there are tons of rides, delicious food the rodeo, concerts etc. It’s a thing and it’s fantastic.

So, what do you pack for a week long road trip to the gorgeous Canadian Rockies and Calgary Stampede? Well keep on following along and I will give you my go-to must haves.

Driving in a car for long periods of time call for comfort am I right? There is nothing worse than being in a car for several hours in a less than breathable frock. My go to road trip outfit is something easy and cool for summer.

My favorite thing right now is this gray knotted t-shirt dress from ASOS, it’s a super comfy but still pretty stylish t-shirt dress that I love. Unfortunately it is sold out, but I found something similar that looks just as comfy and can easily go from casual day to night with just the change of a shoe.  I also love these Birkenstock slides which look great pretty much any way you wear them. I find them great for being in a car and great in water if you happen to stop along and play in the rivers which is definitely a favorite past time of mine.

Once you arrive to Calgary you need to get ready for the Stampede. I have been so many times but as I’ve gotten older my time spent at the Stampede has been limited. I was recently there 2 years ago and I always forget how hot Calgary can get, so dress accordingly. I am not a shorts kind of gal, I never really have been so I usually opt for pants of some kind. When it gets into the 80’s and 90’s I like to reach for pretty light weight flowy pants with a cropped length. These from Old Navy are my go to pants for summer and I just love them. Wear a fitted top with them or even a crop top and viola you have a super cool and comfy summer outfit to walk around the fair grounds.

Wanderlust Wednesday- RoadTrip Calgary


Is the Stampede not your thing? Calgary, though small, still has oodles of things to do. Stop over to Eau Claire Market located in Downtown Calgary along the river, it used to be a lot of fun to go with indoor farmers market and lots of fun shops and restaurants. It is one of those places that even though the hype seemed to fade from Eau Claire I still loved coming here, and it is currently proposed for redevelopment. I hope they don’t change it to much but just revive it to what it could be.

If you are anything like me and love a bit of history then step into Heritage Park . Heritage Park takes you through Canadian History, in homes and store fronts from the 1880’s-1940s with almost all of the homes and store fronts original. It’s incredibly interesting and so much fun even as a an adult, and takes you back in time for a little while. Believe in ghosts? Heritage Park is known for their other worldly spirits particularly in the Prince House and the Opera House. Am I saying I saw the woman that is rumored to be seen on the 3rd floor of the Prince House? Maybe, maybe not, but a spooky ghost story is always fun to go home with.

Take in the view at the Calgary Tower or head over to Stephen Avenue Walk to check out venders, grab a drink and do some shopping.

Whatever you like to do Calgary pretty much has something for everyone. Where are you going on your Summer road Trip? Ever been to Calgary or from Calgary? What’s your favorite place?


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