The Undies Chronicles #1

It’s very rare for me to show intimates and underwear to anyone other than someone in my limited but closely knit pack. However I am trying day by day to step out of my bubble and try new things and be more confident in my current skin. I’m a plus sized lady. I’m not as confident and not happy with my current size and it’s a struggle for me to regain my old self and my securities. Up until today I had one bra. One lonely ill-fitting bra and some underwear that I’ve had for far longer than I care to admit. I was comfortable but I didn’t feel sexy, and I am at a point where I wanted to start to feel sexy even if I am the only one that knows whats on underneath.

I have never shopped at Lane Bryant before for underwear before but I was on a mission to find a bra because my only the lonely bra wire had finally given up and snapped and I was wearing a broken bra for about a week. I was leaving Nordstrom Rack with two new bras and saw Lane Bryant and thought “Ok…Lets just check it out.” I ended up picking up some super cute, comfy and sexy underwear but I saw this one set that I just loved. I loved the color and I loved design, and I don’t really have a matching set so I just had to purchase.

I love the set it’s beyond comfy, sexy and a little unique and I find that the black strap across the breasts will look fun peeking out from a v-neck tee. If you’re a curvy gal looking for a unique and sexy set definitely check this set out.


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