Wedding Style

November 2015 I had gotten back from my mini month-long visit to Europe. When I got back in October I had to go to San Diego for my cousins wedding. I remember coming back from Europe feeling really great, I had lost some weight, I was happy I was just feeling very confident.

I was going through some photos and thinking why the heck didn’t I post these back then? Well…I am going to share them now.

I had purchased two dresses for this wedding both from forever 21 in their plus section. I’ve purchased forever21 clothes before and it’s always a hit or miss but these two dresses I was totally smitten by. The dress I really wanted to wear was this gorgeous deep green dress with a crop top style underneath so it did add a little bit of skin but too to. The only thing is was the crop top was just a tad to small and I they were sold out in my size, but the dress I ended up wearing I loved even more.

It was this black dress with deep cutouts on the side with a crop top attached underneath so it still showed a super tad amount of skin. I paired the dress with this faux leather jacket, my favorite Tory Burch heels, Marc Jacobs clutch and my trusty Raybans. Here is how the look turned out.


Dress is Forever21, Shoes are Tory Burch, Clutch is Marc Jacobs, Sunglasses are Raybans & Faux Leather Jacket I got at Nordstrom Rack (don’t remember the brand)


I get uncomfortable when people want to take my picture so then they are left with this type of pose double chin and all.

Edited with Polarr Photo Editor

3 (or 4) glasses of wine in and a handful of pizza bites.


Well into the evening and an unknown number of glasses of wine later. BUT I caught the bouquet and didn’t pass out. 

I really loved this dress, it was so comfortable and the shoes are surprisingly comfortable as well. I was walking around, dancing and standing for a lot of the evening and my feet never got sore. They certainly fit like a glove. I recreated this outfit in January 2016 at a fundraiser in Calgary, Alberta but I just changed up the look a little bit.

The thing about a leather jacket that I love is that no matter what you wear it with it gives it this ‘cool girl’ vibe while still looking incredibly polished and not out-of-place.



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