New Year’s Eve Looks

2016 is almost at a close and 2017 is upon us. It feels like yesterday we were freaking out that it was going to be October 21, 2015 in homage to Back to the Future 2 and here we are saying good-bye to one of the most depressing years in while.

Which makes it all the more reason to get out and celebrate good riddance to 2016 and hello to 2017.

I put together 3 looks that I think would be great for any NYE celebration.


New Year's Eve: Private Party

I have been to a couple formal private parties; I remember wearing this beautiful metallic silver formal dress for a Y2K NYE party I got invited too. I knew that Y2K was probably a hoax but deep down I thought…”Well Maybe it could happen” so I wanted to go out in style.

This year if I were going anywhere private & formal I would definitely opt for a pair of pants. A tuxedo pant maybe but I am kind of freaking out over sequin pants. I can with all honesty say that I would wear a pair of sequins pants on a regular Tuesday night because they are so fun. I particularly like these from Topshop because they are not just black sequins but there is some blue in there too. They also have a fairly casual feel to them but for me I would want them to be on the tighter structured side and hit almost a bit above the ankle. For a top I personally love a loose-fitting v-neck white tee. The white tee is just something I feel is such a versatile piece that can go from incredibly basic to super structured just depending on how you style it. It is one of those pieces that can go from a casual Sunday errand run, to work and to the evening out, that is why I had to pair a white tee with this look. Add a lacy bralet underneath to peak through can also add another sexy and fun element. I have this pair of black suede pumps from Tory Burch that I love, these pumps are similar and I think look really sleek an add a touch of class to the ensemble. As a topper I also added a tuxedo style blazer. I love a good black blazer and for an evening out this tuxedo style blazer works wonders to pull it all together.

My favorite nail colors are by MAC, they don’t seem to have as many as they used to so I am kind of disappointed but my all time favorite color was Vintage Vamp which they stopped selling. I saw it when I was in Berlin last year and had to swoop it up. This color is by MAC is called ‘Berlin’ which a lovely purple/red color. Add a deep plum color and a gorgeous velvet clutch/chain strap purse, add a spritz of my favorite and go to scent from Diptique and you have a fun and festive look for a private NYE night.


New Year's Eve: Cocktails

I will admit, I am not a huge fan of going to clubs, maybe it’s the fact that I am in my 30’s now or maybe….yeah it’s probably because I am in my 30’s. It has never really been my scene to be honest but I do love a lively bar or cocktail lounge. This look is simple and would be perfect for either a NYE party at a club or hanging out with friends or a date at a nice cocktail lounge. There is a strong chance I have an obsession with a nude/blush pink and velvet; and that can be seen with this look. I love a simple black dress and right now I love long-sleeved dresses and high necklines. I love this style and even though it is simple I don’t think it needs a lot of accessories, it is great just alone. I paired this dress with a pretty rose cold sequined clutch, a pink velvet and gold heel, a nude nail color and this ‘Hug Me’ lip color from MAC is amazing. It is the perfect neutral lip color with just a touch of pink, it is my go to color right now. I think adding a simple earring or a simple rings would be just enough of an addition to this look.


New Year's Eve: Fireworks


Spending time with that special someone or friends and just watching fireworks outside, or even staying in is my kind of NYE. I am really into the cropped frayed denim look and a pair of cropped booties. I am also fully into cozy turtle neck sweaters too and adding all these trends and an over sized jacket and chic cross body bag is the perfect NYE look to bundle up in the cold and ring in 2017.

I am wishing everyone a very happy and safe New Year!!


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