90’s-Vintage inspired Easter Sunday

As I browse through my magazines before bed I noticed that the 90’s are in full swing when it comes to fashion. I’ve noticed this for a while now but I mean it is REALLY going strong right now. I am somewhere in my 30’s thus making me a product of the 90’s. I lived the 90’s and honestly I loved the fashion of the mid 90’s. All those baby doll dresses and doc martins I wore. The baby tees under floral strappy dresses. It’s all just so great.

Whenever I see these glorious styles I always think of that sketch from Portlandia “The 90’s are alive in Portland” however, the 90’s seem to be alive everywhere now.

Now, you are probably a bit perplexed by my title a 90’s inspired Easter Sunday. I realize that probably doesn’t make sense, and no I am not hosting a 90’s themed Easter event. I am talking about the look for Easter.

I am not the dress up kind of gal, I have tried to be the girlie girl in pastels but it’s just not me. I like a little edge, a little bohemian, a little vintage, a little minimal at times. So, I was talking with my mom the other day and asked me what I was going to wear to easter brunch. I looked down at what I was wearing and just said “this.” She scoffed at me completely upset by my choice and not realized I was completely full of shit. I would not wear the old faded jeans, gray moccasins, old t-shirt and green army jacket. The truth of the matter is I probably would wear that, and she realized that I was joking but wouldn’t put it past me to wear that to a family brunch.

I am still not entirely sure what I am going to don for the glorious brunch for Easter but I am kind of super into these floral maxi dresses I have been seeing. They are a little 70’s a little 90’s and honestly with this dress I would have probably worn ankle boots but because I kind of want to look slightly more put together here is a look I threw together that I would wear to an Easter brunch or just a warm spring afternoon in the city.




90's inspired Easter Sunday


Ok, Now let’s be real…. Some people might say that because I am in my 30’s this look probably won’t work on me. My philosophy is that if you are comfortable in what you wear anything is possible. Fashion is an expression that allows your true self to come through.
I love this dress, there are many out there that I love but this one is so pretty, effortless and just not over the top. I will be the first to admit I haven’t really been a fan of maxi dresses or skirts, but these floral midi/maxi dresses with the slit just add this perfectly effortless, romantic, bohemian feel that just works wonderfully.
I am a hat fanatic, I love them, I especially love these wide-brimmed hats and I have a few and keep adding the them. I have a similar tan hat from Sole Society that is much more affordable than this hat and it looks great with jeans and dresses. I used the tan hat to kind of warm it up from the black/gray hats I would usually wear, this just sort of brightens up the look for Spring.
Instead of ankle boots like I would wear I opted for these adorable Dolce Vita platform sandals. They are super cute, a little retro and are actually pretty comfy (I’ve tried them and I love them). A pair of fun sunglasses are a great addition to the look too I love these Oliver Peoples but any cheap trend shades work.
For jewelry I usually keep it simple I LOVE this Jennifer Fisher ring, it’s pricy but so fabulous. The purse is also effortless but fun, great for spring and I love the tassels, it adds to the whole vintage bohemian feel.
The makeup for me is usually quite minimal, I love makeup but when I wear a lot of it I feel like it just doesn’t feel like me, like I am trying to be someone else. So I keep the base clean and minimal and just add a stain to the lip usually. I love this Black Honey color from Clinique. I’ve used this color since I was a kid and it’s the perfect berry stain to the lips.
Whatever you choose to wear this Easter will be lovely, Enjoy your holiday!

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