Top 10 Beauty Favs Under $10

I have always been pretty particular about what I spend my money on when it comes to beauty products. I am pretty low maintenance but I have always spent around $20 or more (lots more) on my beauty products especially on makeup and shampoo and hair products. Over the last year or so I have wanted to venture out and try more makeup and beauty products that are affordable via the drugstore. There have been items that really just didn’t work for me at all and items that I absolutely loved and wondered why I had been so shallow all this time.

Here are my favorite 10 beauty favorites under $10 that I really enjoy and re purchased over the years.


1. RIMMEL SCANDAL EYES IN Bad Girl Bronze $3.49 

I am fully obsessed with bronze eyes. It’s my go to color when I do my eye makeup (if I do my eye makeup) especially if I want to doll up. I really love this product because the color glides on so smoothly and gives this gorgeous shimmery bronze color. It’s not overly shimmery but the right amount of shimmer. It is also very blendable too. It feels like butter.


When I got this color I was looking for a really pretty wine color and I was shocked by how pink this turned out to be. I didn’t love this color when I got it and kind of put it to the side, but then I was in hurry one morning looking for something else but couldn’t find and just grabbed this. With this color for me I don’t apply it all over for a full lip I use it as a stain, I dab it on my lips and then apply it across my lips and then blot and it leaves the most gorgeous pink stain. Very chic, very romantic and great for winter I think. I really do love this. The color is definitely buildable but always looks very pink on me but I still really enjoy this product.


Like most things I am once again late to the party. The NYX party that is. I hear beauty bloggers raving about this product but I have never ever tried their products until a few months ago. I wanted to try their liquid lipsticks and the colors I wanted were sold out so I just grabbed 3 that I liked. When I got home I tried them and LOVED this one. It’s an interesting color because some days on me it looks gray, other days it looks pink and sometimes it looks brown/nude. I love it though, it doesn’t over dry my lips and the color is just so pretty and versatile. It’s a nice creamy color but as it dries it starts to mattify it’s really lovely.


If you were to look at me and then at this color you probably think what was I thinking. I am incredibly pale and this is incredibly bright. It probably isn’t the proper color for my skin but there was something so gorgeous about this color. It really was perfect for the holidays and winter so I haven’t used it might this month. It has this gorgeous berry tint to the cheeks that makes you look like you’ve been in the cold all day. I have to play around with it to get the proper amount because I don’t want to look like a clown but the color is very pigmented, creamy and I love it.


I had just ran out of concealer and popped into the drugstore quickly and just grabbed the first one I saw which was this one. So far it’s been my favorite concealer, it brightens up my under eyes which I need and also softens them so they don’t look so puffy it also does a great job at canceling out any redness I have and if I have a blemish it does a good job at concealing that too. Just an all around great product.


I have always stayed away from drugstore shampoos, I personally just haven’t had good luck with them. My hair is finicky and just doesn’t agree with drugstore shampoos I have tried. Again, I had run out of shampoo and just ran in and grabbed this shampoo & conditioner quickly. I was so impressed with this product. The smell is a bit to strong for me but my hair always felt super bouncy, healthy and great volume. I was beyond impressed.


No joke, I have used this product since High School. I started using it because I hated using shaving creams to shave, it always left my skin super dry, like super crazy dry. I hated how my skin felt after I shaved my legs using creams. I tried so many different types but they just never worked for me. I saw this and just grabbed it once day and tried it to shave my legs because I had heard it could be used for that. I have never looked back. It has the most insanely fabulous scent and my skin feels amazing after I’ve shaved my legs. I slather it all over my body in the shower and sometimes use that to loofah my body. What I do sometimes is also once I turn the water off I put a little bit more on my wet skin and just dab my skin dry. It sets the oil in to add some serious softness plus my skin glistens. I tried the lotion with the sesame formula but I don’t like it. To me it was watery and smelled nothing like the oil. This product is my absolute favorite a must buy.


My skin has been super dry over the last year and I had been looking for a lotion that matched the L’Occitane body lotion  that I had used for so long but that was much cheaper. I found this Nivea lotion and loved it. I use the ultra rich one because my skin is so dry this lotion just locks in the moisture into my skin. It’s not 100% similar to l’occitane but it’s a nice dup for me. The Nivea lotion smells amazing too, for me the best time to lather up is right before bed, also when your skin is still wet you can add this to your wet skin and it adds even more moisture. Also I hate to admit this but I have used this on my hair. I was out-of-town and my hair was going crazy with fly aways and just far to fluffy for my own liking. I took a little bit of the lotion and what ever was left on my hands I just patted down my fly aways and rubbed it through the ends of my hair to de puff my fluff and it worked like a charm. By far the one of the best lotions I’ve used from a drug store.


I use dry shampoo probably more than I use shampoo. I don’t wash my hair everyday but also when I do wash my hair it’s far to “clean” for me. I really prefer my hair with an abundance of texture because I like the grit and the hold it gives my hair. My hair looks better when it’s a bit dirty ( I know gross), so it’s safe to say I have tried my fair share of dry shampoo and there are some really great ones out there but you really can’t beat a dollar price tag when something works so great. This dry shampoo smells good, gives a decent amount of grit but not over doing it, and camouflage my day old dirty hair. There is a lot of really great things happening. However I will say this runs out quickly but good thing it’s so affordable.


I guess it’s safe to say if I am a dry shampoo junky I am probably a sea salt/texturing spray junkie too; and you would be right. I have a couple that are my favorites but they are a bit expensive but this one is one of my affordable favorites. I even have a travel size one I carry with me. What I love about a sea salt spray is just by adding it to your try hair and scrunching it a little bit adds so much depth. It takes a super unmanageable hair day and turns it into this adorable effortless look in moments. I have had a few sea salt sprays where it was almost TOO texturizing, and left my hair in knots and sticky, this truly adds texture to your hair like you were at the beach. It’s a perfect tool to keep on hand for any day.


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