Oscars 2016 {Red Carpet Look}

The Oscars are this Sunday!


Pumped for the Oscars? YES!

I am all set to sit in front of my TV watching everyone one arrive and see Leonardo Dicaprio finally go home with a Oscar (fingers crossed). I already know which sweat pants I am going to wear and which fuzzy slippers I am going to put on while I munch on snacks and critique everyone for what they wore.

If only one day I can swap my sweats for a vintage couture gown and some heels and sashay down that red carpet stopping for the photographers as they ask me ” WHO ARE YOU? GET OUT OF THE WAY YOUR BLOCKING JENNIFER LAWRENCE!” Ahhh YES! IT will be my finest hour and I will revel in the fact that I took the spotlight away from JLaw for a mere glorious 3 seconds.

NOW! As I sit and daydream of a moment that will surely never come I can pretend and dream about what I might strut down that red carpet in. Here is what I chose for this years Oscars.


Oscar 2016

As a scoured the internet I came across this gown and was instantly drawn to it. I don’t know what it is about this gown. The back has this gorgeous open cut out which adds a bit of raw depth to the gown. It sort of takes away from the demure almost grandma like feel. However to me, this dress is very elegant, it reminds me of maybe the 40s or 50s and is quite eclectic, eccentric and elegant. Apparently the 3 E’s.

There is a lot going on with this gown so it doesn’t need to be fawned over by an excess of jewelry. I saw this ring and thought it added a bit of glamour but also detail and didn’t over take the look. The ring is a midi ring but can also fit the pinkie finger too which would be kind of adorable.

For the bag I found many lovely bags but I died over this one by Charlotte Olympia. It’s far to cute for it’s own good and simple with enough quirk. The shoe I also kept simple with a mix of metallic and black which I thought balanced the gown of nicely.

For scent I chose my go to fragrance by Diptyque “Eau Duelle”. It is a bit pricey but lasts forever, you don’t need a lot because it is strong. The scent is incredibly alluring with the vanilla, spices and Frankincense. I get complimented on this scent each time I wear it and it gets better when you layer it on top of the Satin Oil  or even my drugstore Nivea body lotion. The scent to me just compliments this look perfectly.

When it comes to hair and makeup I again would want to keep it simple. For hair a low bun at the nape of the neck, with the hair parted in the middle. I have actually been wearing my hair like this lately. With added texture and not super sleek against the head is how I’d wear my hair. Makeup again would be glowing and simple to compliment the look.

I really love this look, but honestly I would probably end up on the worst dressed list with the majority of the styles I choose. However I’d be happy to be on any dressed list because there is nothing greater than sticking to who you are and wearing, doing and being what makes you happy.

I can’t wait for the Oscars tomorrow. What would you wear to the Oscars? Who are you hoping sweeps the night?


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