Travel Part Two: NYC-London

My first stop on my trip from New York was London. When I planned my trip I was only going to stay a couple of days because it was cheaper for me at the time to fly into London and then take the train to Paris. However the more I researched London and the UK the more I got incredibly excited to visit London. BUT like a lot of this trip I make a bit of a mistake and this is how London went.

First things first….I don’t know if I am the only person ever in this world to make this mistake but if I am I a doomed for the future. I was leaving New York on September 15th at 9:30pm and would arrive into Heathrow the next morning. However when I booked my hotel and started planning by trip I did not take into consideration the time change. THE TIME CHANGE!!! I also did not realize this until 8:30pm, September 14th, standing in the middle of a busy side walk in New York City. I panicked. Once I was assured I still had a hotel then it donned on me that I now was one day short on my trip and only really 1 full day in London.

September 15th 9:45am…I arise to a very horrible fever and head cold I kept trying to blame on the heat of a New York summer mixed with central air. The fever was off and on all day and the head cold followed me to London where I ended up sleeping most of my trip. I forced myself up and out the door the night I got there to where I was greeted with a torrential down pour, lost on the many side roads with no umbrella or rain coat. I popped into a little pub; rain dripping down my face my jacket soaked through and ordered a beer and soup. The bartender whom I just assumed was not a people person asked me if I had am umbrella….I said no I didn’t. I soon get my beer, soup and an umbrella. Thank you bartender. As I was walking home I got lost I came around the corner and low and behold I find myself near Westminster Abbey and the Parliament. IMG_1418

I was so excited. After my cold taking over, missing one day, getting caught in the London rain, this made it all worth it. It was such a lovely site.

The next morning I had breakfast delivered early so I would make sure I got up and going and would miss anything.

London Morning Breakfast

However the cold got a hold of me and I decided to sleep a little bit longer, but I did get up and out the door in the afternoon and was able to see a few local landmarks which was pretty amazing.

IMG_1416 IMG_1437

All in all London was a lovely city; but I really didn’t see enough of the city and outside of the city. I definitely want to go back to the UK and visit more and really take in the countryside and city.

Next up? Paris!


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