Travel Part One: NYC

I am a little behind. I wanted so badly to make sure I was documenting this experience daily but I get so caught up in the hustle of everything. The smells, the sounds the chaos that I forget to write them down and to share. Now one might think my own memories are important enough but this is one of those things in my life that I am beyond proud of and I am really wanting to share with everyone.

As I was writing this I was sitting on a train coming from Paris to Wolfsburg Germany to see family; and while my experience actually getting on the train and getting to the proper location has been quite the ordeal it was all for the experience (Or as people keep telling me). But it does make up for it because as I sit here the scenery is unmatched by anything I can even describe. Gorgeous green rolling hills, The sun is setting and gleaming onto the clouds as fog raises from the trees casting the most glorious view I have ever seen.

Now, before I get too much into the European leg of my travels I did want to share with you my experience in New York. I have only been to New York once before and that was last Christmas; and Christmas in New York was quite magical and I loved every moment of it. This time it was the tail end of summer. Still every bit as magical except I encountered the humidity everyone warns me about in the summer. I made the mistake of not paying attention to the weather and wore jeans, runners and a sweater. I tell you I was dying. DYING! The next day I wore a dress and I was FREEZING and had a very Marilyn moment every time the wind blew. I tell you this girl can’t catch a break.

View from the Hudson hotel rooftop bar.

View from the Hudson hotel rooftop bar.

BUT, I love New York. New York is a city that is hard not to love. Stunning skylines, architecture, the history, food delivered to your door at 4am. The city literally never sleeps and I love it. I hit some spots I hadn’t really spent much time in like Hells Kitchen where we head some of the best Ramen at Ippudo in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. And if you like Ramen then you need to try Ippudo, I got their regular Ramen but it was insanely delicious. Next time however I will be getting their spicy one it looked legit. We also share the steamed pork buns but they weren’t what I was expecting and I am pretty sure there was mayo on it and I don’t do mayo very well if at all. The pork was really good though. I also got to finally get to Russ & Daughters which I had always wanted to go and get a bagel with lox and cream cheese; and it was everything I had hoped it would be. I sat in a nearby park on a beautiful New York Sunday Morning and enjoyed every moment.




New York is one of those cities that no matter how many times you go you find something new to discover and enjoy.

On the final couple of days in New York I got a pretty bad cold which just seemed to get worse as the days progressed so when I left New York for the start of my cross the pond adventure I was feeling like death warmed over. So suffice it to say my beginning trip didn’t go as I’d hoped.


So stayed tuned for my experience from NYC to London. Also if you haven’t already you should follow me on Instagram because there you can find all my snaps of my travels too.


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