Firmoo Frames

A few months back I was honored to review a pair of Firmoo glasses; which you can read here, and just this month I was asked if I would like to review them again and of course I said yes.

Since I received my first pair back in february I had received so many compliments on the frames and really have had some fun with them. I don’t require a prescriptive lens so my frames are just a standard frame but the quality is incredible.

This time around was a lot harder to choose a frame but I wanted to kind of step out of my comfort zone and try something a little different. Firmoo has quite a few awesome frames and I had a really hard time narrowing down my selection; but I did end up choose a pair of frames I was really happy with.

Firmoo Unisex Full Frame Acetate Eyeglasses #F040 $36 on sale for $33.

Firmoo Unisex Full Frame Acetate Eyeglasses #F040 $36 on sale for $33.



OK! Here are the reasons why I love Firmoo and why I recommend them so much.







I am always blown away with the amazing selection they have in eyewear. So many stylish and chic frames at such an affordable price. They not only have amazing glasses but also sunglasses as well. I had such a tough time settling on these frames but I am so glad I did. They have this sexy/nerdy 60’s vibe that I totally dig and add a bit of edge to any look.


When thinking about buying glasses of any kind online seems a bit daunting for me personally. Mostly because I have a big head and chubby cheeks. I am always worried glasses are going to be to small because that is usually the case. Firmoo is incredibly easy and allows you to upload your own photo to try the glasses on yourself or choose from a selection of models with similar faces. That is what I did for my first pair. I didn’t upload my own photo most because I was lazy, but I chose from a model that I felt had a similar face as mine. When I got the glasses I was shocked at how on point it was. The second pair I didn’t use the Try On selection but just chose a size closest to my last pair.


Well I will mention it again. These glasses were only $36 dollars! I mean that’s insane! For a single vision frame like I got it was no charge. If you prefer multifocal lens that is an additional $22.95-$49.95 depending on the type of lens you need. Frames range in price too from $17-$40. I mean, you can’t beat that.


I am always amazing at how quick they come. The purchase process is super easy and the delivery is super quick. My frames came in a really cute world map case, the were clear and all in all perfection.


Like I mentioned before I don’t require a prescriptive lens; but I showed my friend who does require them and he was really impressed with the quality of the frames. He compared them a pair he had that he had spent a couple hundred on.

I really can’t say anymore amazing things about Firmoo. I just love them, if you are in search of a perfect set of frames for everyday, just for fun or a stylish pair of sunglasses I highly recommend . Go, Get shopping!




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