Something Scary Everyday #4-Travel the World

My mind is much quicker and more spontaneous than I actually am. My dreams are big and there are a lot of things I want to accomplish in this short life I was given. Each year I make a goal for myself to do something I have always dreamed of doing but either chickened out, worried about how it would effect someone else or just got caught up in life moving so quickly. This past birthday was a tough one for me; and for some reason everything just sort of fell into perspective, in line with who I was becoming as a woman and a person. I made a list for myself of everything I was going to do before my next birthday, it’s not a long list but it was something I really needed to do for myself because I sat and thought about the way I was living my life and decided “Jennifer….On your death bed and you look back onto your life will you live with regrets? or be happy with how you lived your life…..” and I knew that I would be completely regretful of my life if I kept living it the way I had been.

I am always so worried about money, a job I don’t even like, my weight, get so depressed that all I do is binge watch Law and Order:SVU and scroll through my Instagram feed jealous of everyone’s “highlight reel” that I hadn’t stopped to look at my life and my experiences. You can always find work, you can always make money but can you always create experiences that you will remember for a lifetime? Everyone has experiences in their life that we will remember, good and bad but I don’t want to look back on my life regretting that I kept telling myself “tomorrow, or next year”. I have to remember to live each day like it was my last (cliche I know right?!)

I made a list for myself….and I am determined to stick with it and not skimp on anything on my list. I love travel but haven’t traveled as much as I always wanted to. I love learning about different cultures, customs, people, food everything, There is so much to learn and see that I get sad thinking that I won’t ever get to see it all. So I made a plan to travel I had to shorten my dates a little bit and continue my trip unfortunetly next year but starting September 15th I will be in another country!


September 13th Fly from Seattle to NYC for a couple of Days

September 15th Fly from NYC to London


Then from London spend time in France, Belgium, Germany (to see family as well) Italy, Poland, Czech Republic

From there fly back to NYC October 15th then meet my dad in NYC then to Washington DC.


I am beyond excited but also terrified.

Have you traveled alone to Europe? Any tips?


3 thoughts on “Something Scary Everyday #4-Travel the World

  1. A Wandering Memory says:

    Amazing advice, and my philosophy exactly… Its all about the experiences and Memories.

    We live in the Uk just outside of London, so if you need any tips on this beautoful country including out of the box places like the Lake District please let me know (I blogged about it earlier – its a very special place), We’ve also done Paris, Prague, Rome and a lot of Germany amoung others… so feel free to get in touch for tips and shared stories. My blog is all about that 🙂 Regards to the terrified aspect – You’ll be fine… Its an amazing trip you have planned let the fear be overtaken by excitement..
    A Wandering Memory

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