Do Something Scary Everyday: Day 2 {The Selfie}

Since I gained some weight over the last few years I am beyond insecure about how I look so I don’t take or share a lot of pictures of myself; which is also why as much as I want to post some out of the day looks I tend to shy away from them. However I do have two posts; which you can read here and here that I did but felt incredibly uncomfortable and very impromptu kind of like I felt I needed to do. Well that is where I am right now.


The Selfie!


I have a few candid face selfies but even those I feel uncomfortable because of my chubby cheeks but as I have been working out I have noticed my face starting to slim down. The other day I went to the Pompeii exhibit at the Seattle Science center and I had gotten this amazing jacket in my DailyLook box that I splurged and purchased. It has now become my go to jacket. It’s light enough for summer which is great and looks amazing dressed down or up. So when I went to the exhibit I wore my new jacket, skinny jeans, my favorite Sam Edelman booties, gray tank with a Stella & Dot pendant and my trusty Raybans. However I was running late and then got into the day and totally forgot to take any photos which I was going to do. So the next day I was running some errands and just kicked on some flats, jeans, tank and my new obsession. As I was popping out the door I was like you know what? Lets do this shit! I snapped like 15 pictures before I settled on this one. Which I realized compared to many bloggers and other people this lacks a lot of substance and is basically just a terrible bathroom selfie; but for me this is kind of a big deal because I just don’t put myself out there like this.



Rayban sunglasses, Stella & dot Rebel Ring, Stella & Dot engravable necklace, BB Dakota Jacket, Old Navy tank.


Welcome to my fortress of solitude! AKA the bathroom! Yes. It’s a bathroom selfie which I have to admit I don’t love BUT it is what it is. Ignore my hairdryer cord in the back. This was my no make up day, hair up easy flats kind of day. Yes I am aware the jacket is wrinkled too but probably from the drive before regardless I should have ironed it but I was in a hurry.

I am hoping the next photos I take are more professional and less bathroom 🙂






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