Do Something that scares me everyday


Last week I was out with my mom shopping in Seattle. We stopped at this garden store at University Village (If your not from Washington it is a lovely outdoor shopping area near the University of Washington) and while she was shopping I was just mulling around the store like a bored teenager drinking my beet and berry smoothie wondering if anything could be better than a beet & berry smooth. As I was gawking at myself in a mirror making faces as I drank and checking my teeth for berry seeds I noticed this notebook that was sitting on the shelf next to me. It was a “Do something that scares you everyday” journal. Now I have heard this phrase before but don’t really think much of it but that day for some reason it finally resonated with me. Probably because for the past year I have had this wanderlust inside of me that is literally clawing at my soul to get out and see the world. untitled

So I decided that starting now I will make sure to do something that scares me everyday. And I don’t know who said it but I have seen it a lot online “If your dreams don’t scare you there probably not big enough”. I need to make sure I am scared more.



2 thoughts on “Do Something that scares me everyday

  1. this abundant life says:

    I really used to do something that scared me everyday. Now it seems that with kids and bills I have settled into a routine (which I hate). Would love to stretch myself each day. I really need to make that a priority. Thanks for the motivation!

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