Summer fitness Prep with ClassPass

Back in November you probably remember me talking about ClassPass launching here in which was a huge deal and such a great, affordable and fun way to work out without any pressure. Welp….I have to admit the last few months I have been so busy with starting a new  job and moving into a new place (yay) but I have noticed as I start to get settled into a new routine my old habits are starting to rear their ugly heads I need to make some changes.

I know, I know I am always writing about “changes” but that’s because to write about changes I am always in the hopes that the more I write about them or the more I talk about them maybe they will become a habit and truly sink in. Which I have to say works in regards to certain things but my well-being is very important and frankly I just want killer skin and to look good naked!


And I have to admit ClassPass does the trick. My very first Barre class I felt the pain, the burn, the nausea….my ass hurt, my arms hurt….I knew I had just done something my body and mind were so grateful for.

Since my first class I have lost probably 10 pounds which I have to say isn’t a lot but that’s mostly because I slowed down on my work outs due to well my depression and just life. But now that summer is literally around the corner and my 6 month life goals are just as close I know to make a better life for myself starts with how I feel and that starts with making sure my mind & body are on the same page. SO….I am off to select another ClassPass class….I’m thinking spinning again and I have to say I really think everyone needs to try ClassPass Even if it’s just for a month! For only $99 a month you get unlimited class visits, you can schedule your classes online or even with the ClassPass App and find classes close to work, friends or home, It really is beyond easy and just allows you to shake up your work out routine. Also with ClassPass you can get invites to try select studios and meet people the perfect meet & greet. Even if you’re visiting another city like Los Angeles or New York pop into a class!

Currently ClassPass is only offered in select cities but ClassPass is constantly growing and is now offered in Vancouver B.C., Toronto and even London!


CP2Have you had a chance to check out ClassPass? What did you think?


One thought on “Summer fitness Prep with ClassPass

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