New Years Eve Look

Well it looks like another year will soon be behind us and a new year is upon us all where we will all make our New Years Resolutions that we won’t keep and when we can say that “this year is finally going to be my year!” and truly believe it.

New Years Eve has not been my favorite time of year, not because of the false confidence I give myself about what to expect in the new year, but it is usually a let down. However, what I do love is the idea that NYE has the potential to be completely magical and the belief that it is a new beginning awaiting for you at Midnight. I also love being able to plan with your friends where to go and what to see and choosing that special NYE outfit.

This NYE I don’t think I have anything special planned BUT if I was going to go somewhere for the night to party away 2014 this is definitely a look I would go for.





NYE-Evening Out

I am not really big into a lot of sparkle and sequins, so, what I am I doing with a sparkly jumpsuit and glitzy ear cuff?? I don’t really know what happened to me but there was just something I LOVED about this Jumpsuit from TOPSHOP and ear cuff from BAUBLEBAR. I think want got me with this look is that it’s just a bit subdued for me but still festive and easy for a night to drink by to forgetting about 2014 and welcome 2015. The back is adorable with some thicker straps which add some more sex appeal. Because the jumpsuit is so flashy I wanted to add a few subtle pieces like a couple of simple cuffs from BAUBLEBAR and a snappy earcuff from BAUBLEBAR as well. I loved these strappy heels because like the look of mixed metallics, silver and gold. Looks awesome! As for a topper I would typically go for a leather moto jacket and just drape it on my shoulders but lately I am going fan girl crazy for trenches. I have to say I have always loved them but lately I LOVE them. I especially love when they are loose-fitting and over something that is opposite of what you would typically wear a trench with. This one from TOPSHOP is great. Roll the sleeves up and just let it hang. It’s a nice casual feel to take down the sparkle but still look very stylish and chic. When it comes to a bag I decided to skip a clutch and just add a smaller shoulder bag like this CHANEL chain bag. As for perfume, I am giddy for Diptyque’s Eau Duelle Parfum. It’s this gorgeous spicy scent that is so sexy and surprisingly light. I add it on top of the Diptyque’s Satin Oil Spray.

Keep your lips hydrated with a great lip balm for that midnight kiss and get out there and enjoy the last moments of 2014 and welcome 2015 looking fly. {yes I went there}.




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