Favorites-Stella & Dot Bond Street Tote

Once September hit this year I realized how busy this fall and the holidays were actually going to be. You see, I had unintentionally scheduled a trip for every single month. I am not a jet setter type of gal, I am not a seasoned traveler and I hate airports/flying because of, well this  oh and well just the chaos that ensues trying to get through security. Although I did find out a little to late that you can apply for pre-check which I think is $80 to apply and you never have to wait in a security line again.

Anyways. Back in the summer I had been eyeing this Tote from Stella & Dot and I knew I was going to be travelling a lot and I wanted a nice tote that was big enough to haul my DSLR camera when I went. So I decided to just splurge and buy the bag for myself. Apparently according to friends my “Trader Joes” tote just wasn’t working on the stylish front.

Stella & Dot Bond Street Tote $110

Stella & Dot Bond Street Tote $110

When I got it I loved it. The only thing I think is that maybe the straps could have been a little bit longer but all in all it is a terrific tote. I was able to pack a small zippered pouch that carried my wallet and a few essentials I needed plus a lap, camera a book and three magazines. The tote has several pockets which is also great and after I bought the tote I forgot to look to see if it had a zippered closure and when I got it I was thrilled to find out that it did in fact have a zippered closure.

This tote is great for work, school, or I have even used it for a weekend trip because there is plenty of room for some clothes and a beauty bag.

Now, the sad news about this tote. It is in fact sold out 😦 I know. How mean of me to share it but then tell you that you can’t have it. BUT I did want you to know that Stella & Dot has several other totes that I love that even better than this one. I picked a couple that I really liked and I was swaying between before I chose this one.

Stella & Dot Paris Market Tote $198

Stella & Dot Paris Market Tote $198

I actually adore this tote. I was going to get this one but it didn’t have a zippered enclosure so I opted for the Bond Tote. But this is on my list too because actually the straps are a bit longer on this tote and there is slightly a little more room which means I could hide even more junk in this tote. It also comes in a gorgeous Colbalt Blue and it actually looks better in person than online.

Are you a fan of Stella & Dot totes? Which is your favorite?


3 thoughts on “Favorites-Stella & Dot Bond Street Tote

    • Jennifer says:

      I know the struggle of finding the perfect Cross Body bag! 🙂 Stella & Dot actually doesn’t have a ton of cross body bags unfortunately but they do have one that I LOVE which is the Tia Cross Body {I put the link to the bag below} in this really pretty red. It was originally $98 but it is now on sale for $It’s small so you can’t get a ton in there but I love that I can use it for a cross body bag for during the day or running around say at Disneyland or something 🙂 but I can remove the strap and then I have a really adorable clutch.
      The other cross body bags I love are at http://www.angelaroi.com They are vegan leather and when you purchase a bag and shop by the color $5 of your sale goes to the foundation of your choice. My favorite out of the three cross body styles is the Mornings Cross Body and I love the Morning Blue color but that’s just me :).

      Also If you are in a pinch I would suggest H&M I got a really cute one there that was very affordable but I just found this one online that I LOVE and just may have to purchase. I love the nude color with the contrast of the animal print. Very fun and will transition well into spring and summer.
      I hope these suggestions helped! Sorry for the long response 🙂


      Stella & Dot-http://bit.ly/1x8mn9j

      Angela & Roi-http://www.angelaroi.com/collections/morning-cross-body

      Also you may have to copy and past the links. The “Link” function is being difficult.


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