Fall Favorites-Diptyque

While I have been on a bit of a hiatus I realized I have tried a few new products and some favorites and kind of wanted to share. Get your opinions of them if you have used them too! I am going to break them down to a daily thing because there area few and I also thought they would be a great gift giving idea as well for the holidays! Which also brings me to my revelation that I do believe my pretentious desires to have things I can’t actually afford have resorted me to spend money on items I can’t possibly truly afford. But I can’t help myself. This is truly a problem.

So, I feel as though I should get my extravagant tastes out-of-the-way first and that is my current flair for Diptyque. I have unleashed my inner groupie all over this brand. I am in love. And if Diptyque was a boy band I would have puffy painted their name all over my shirt. But that would be unrefined for this luxurious brand. My first experience with Diptyque was at their San Francisco shop last year. I had heard of Diptyque but always kept my distance because of the price. So while in San Francisco the shop was just to cute for words and sucked me in and before I knew it I had just spent $60 on the most amazing candle ever created.

Diptqyue Store Purchase San Francisco, CA 2013

Diptqyue Store Purchase San Francisco, CA 2013

The first candle I purchased was Santal/Sandlewood  $60. I got to say some people this candle is worth every bit of the $60 I spent. I know I have had friends tell me I was foolish to spend that on a candle but the quality is perfection. The second and most recent item I bought was the Oranger/Orange for $60 at Nordstrom. It was actually lit at the San Francisco shop and it smelled like what I think Heaven would smell like. When I brought it home I could smell it in the box it smells incredibly. It’s this gorgeous citrus smell with hints of spice. It’s actually a lovely scent for right now during the holidays and winter. So is the Santal. So when I was at Nordstrom the sales man was fantastic and completely sold me on their body oil and perfume. I didn’t go home with either of the body oil or the perfume but I did get samples which I almost used up and unfortunately dropped the sample of body oil in the toilet, ( it’s ok. You can cry it out I did.) So I marched myself down to Barney’s to pick up a gift for my friend’s birthday and they had one left of the Satin Oil for Body & Hair which at Barney’s is $60. I really don’t have enough good things to say about this product. For starters the smell is incredibly clean and fresh smelling. I use it right when I get out of the shower and actually I use it right when I go to bed. I love that it isn’t super greasy at all but like the description says it really does leave my skin feeling soft like satin. I get complimented on the scent all the time and how glowing my skin looks. Now the perfume is something I have next on my list but it is quite expensive so it will have to wait; for now I am just milking my sample for everything it has. It is Eau Duelle Eau De Parfum $140. I love spicy scents usually and this one is so light, so sexy and exudes sophistication. On top of the Satin Oil it is the most incredible mix.

Now, if you are a true fan of this brand like I am and you are dying to share their gift with loved ones this holiday season I highly recommend one of their delicious candles. If you can’t decide a scent and are looking to splurge I definitely suggest the Nordstrom Exclusive Holiday gift set of mini candles. It is $130 but you get 10 mini candles in several different scents. If candles aren’t really on the gift list but body products are try Diptyque’s “Art of Bodycare” holiday gift set at Nordstrom. It includes everything you will need to keep your skin glowing and hydrated this winter. Might I just add that the Baume Genereux hand balm is included and it is glorious. I just ran out of my sample but it has moved its way up the list quickly.

Have you tried Diptyque? If so what is your favorite product? Do you love their Candles? What is your favorite?


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