ClassPass Lauches in Seattle!

I recently came back from an incredible trip to Washington DC. It was my first ever time on the East Coast and when I returned home I realized I not only experienced the best trip in a long time, I lost 9 pounds and it was kind of an eye-opening experience for so many other things in my life. As crazy as it sounds it took a trip across the country and 9 pounds to be my epiphany. I have been back about a week exactly and have already started making changes in my life by working out more, changing my diet and planning for a whole new life for myself come January. So when I received an email from ClassPass; an alternative to a gym membership I was very intrigued, it seemed to come at just the right time.

ClassPass Launches in Seattle (2)

When it comes to my work outs they mainly consist of long walks with my dog or a short hike. I am not a gym person, mostly because of 2 reasons, 1. I often feel like I am unwanted at a gym because I am not already fit or thin which I realize is ridiculous, and 2. I get so bored just walking on a treadmill or elliptical.

When I am active I liked to feel like I am actually doing something fun, which is why I love swimming but there are not many locations with public pools and if I find one they are usually pretty full and with really strong swimmers, and I am, like I said before, not in the best shape so I am a much slower swimmer than I used to be.

So the idea of ClassPass felt like the perfect option for me. As someone who is entirely determined to get back into shape and feel happy, healthy and like myself again ClassPass allows me to try out some studios in the Seattle area find out what works for me and provide business to local businesses.

So what exactly is ClassPass? ClassPass is an alternative to the basic gym membership with allows you to unlimited classes with studios that are participating with ClassPass. ClassPass a variety of studios and I have to say and I am really excited to try a Barre class with THE BAR METHOD I’ve heard it’s a killer work out but a lot of fun and I am also excited to try a Pilates
class with INSPIRE. There thousands of boutique studios that participate with ClassPass through out their US locations which is a great way to try out different classes all for just $99 a month. You get unlimited classes but you are only allowed to visit the same studio 3 times a month. I also love how easy it is to book your classes online. Just search on their easy website for the class you’re looking for and click reserve typically a week in advance prior to the class you want to reserve. you can also read about ClassPass featured on .

There is always that fear that because I am so embarrassingly out of shape that I might not be able to keep up with the classes but ClassPass has had their team members try out classes at each facility to make sure the class is great for everyone at any level which I love. It definitely makes me feel a lot more comfortable about putting myself out there.

Currently ClassPass is located in NYC, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Chicago and now Seattle!!

I can’t wait to sign up for my first class, and if your in Seattle you should definitely join me in this new and improved way to get in shape! and learn more about ClassPass and sign up HERE!!! This definitely beats running in the rain this time of year!


3 thoughts on “ClassPass Lauches in Seattle!

  1. mrsportiasmith says:

    I LOVE ClassPass! My fave studios are Flywheel, Strala Yoga and Pilates Plus! I’m a big group fitness junkie so this membership completely works for me! We should connect! XoXo

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