Alaffia-Beauty Products to Empower Africa

I have a hard time saying no to products that are handmade and that do good to benefit organizations, communities and people which Alaffia definitely does.


I recently was offered a few samples to try Alaffia but before I said yes I wanted to make sure it was something I was going to be interested in trying and when I read about the company and how it became I was beyond excited to try their products.

Alaffia was founded by Olowo-n’djo Tchala who was raised in Central Togo in the village of Kaboli, After meeting his wife in 1996 he relocated to the United States and after graduating from University he wanted to find out why the African Continent was so poor while having so many natural resources and find a way to reduce the poverty in Africa. He realized that Shea was a prominent West & Central African Countries. With Shea he has provided women with fair and equal wages to produce Shea Butter and 10% of sales are given back to the community empowerment programs in Togo.


Alaffia Shea Butter Cooperative. Via

To read more about Alaffia and it’s founder read more here about their Moral Goals, which is incredibly informative and his story and his passion for a better world is incredibly inspiring and powerful.


Now, Here is what I love about Alaffia. Not only are their products incredible but their Empowerment Projects are amazing and I was already familiar with their Bicycles for Education project. The project provides bicycles to boys & girls so they are able to get to school. Most schools in rural areas are within 5-15 miles away and they only way to get there is by foot. Because of this the drop out rate is significantly high. With this program the drop out rate has donated over 35,000 bikes with a 98% retention rate of students staying in school and a 95% passing rate. (Source via

Here is a list of their other programs.


Their products! Let me say this; there is something very special about their products. When you use them you feel like you are using something good for your skin and you are indeed. I was given 5 items that I have been using on a regular basis and my skin feels incredible. I was struggling with really try skin lately which is not the norm and I had gone through a few lotions and potions trying to assist my skin to get it’s glow back and my attempts were futile. Until I got these glorious products, especially the Authentic African Black Soap in the Tangerine Citrus scent which smells so fresh and lovely. After my first use I noticed a huge difference in my skin. Often times once I get out of the shower and dry off my skin is right back to feeling tight and dry but not with this product. My skin felt dewy and silky soft.

I was also given Lavender Bubble Bath which smells incredible, It’s been quite hot out so I haven’t had a really warm bath but the other day I decided to just soak in a warm bath and I tried this product in the bath. Again, When I got out of the tub my skin felt awesome. Not dried or tight just smooth and soft like your skin should feel.

I also received the Africa’s Secret Multipurpose Skin Cream. This feels like silk going onto your skin. I have fairly oily skin on my face so I haven’t used this on my face but I have used it on dry spots like my elbows and feet and some rough patches on my arms and it really is a miracle product. I had a friend of mine who gets really dry patches on his skin and his skin cleared up so quickly with this product. I also the ends of my hair are really dry and I usually use a hair oil on them which kind of work but I used this product just on the ends, just a light amount and by morning the ends of my hair were like silk. Amazing.

I also got two of the lip balms, one in coconut mint and one purely coconut. Again I used this everyday. I keep the purely coconut in my bag so it is easy to reach and the coconut mint right next to my bed which I use before I go to bed.

Photo source via

Photo source via

Photo source via

Photo source via

I really can’t say more amazing things about Alaffia and their products. I was so impressed with everything about this company. I love that they are located here in Washington and give back to the communities in Africa. Since High School I have been involved in programs that assisted in developing countries and into my twenties I volunteered with the ONE Campaign and so many more. My love of Africa started very young because my Uncle was a Environmentalist in Kenya as well as animal migration effected the forests. He lived there for more than 32 years. My grandfather was an artist and upon his visit back from Africa his paintings went from Pacific Northwest Wildlife to African Wildlife. Africa has been a part of my family for quite sometime and to be able to try these lovely products was almost like a sign. It was meant to be.

I would love to more.

So if your interested in learning more about Alaffia you can visit their website at There you can learn more about the company, their programs and even shop online. Their products are also sold in stores which you can find in their store locator to see if they are sold in a store near you. They are sold at a few stores near me and you can bet I am going back to purchase more products to try.




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