Secret Sorrows-Art Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

I have been pretty open with my struggle with depression and anxiety and have been working on an organization for over a year now that is very important to me.

Through out my struggles I have had to try to find ways to jump over the hurdles of depression and find better ways to for me to get through the day and art has always been such a fabulous outlet for me. I have been writing a treatment, painting (although I am not exactly artistic in that realm) it has truly helped me get out of my head, as well as photography and even this blog. I find that art can almost explain what you are going through better than explaining it through in a conversation.

I have found that everyone thinks they are a doctor and they know the best way to “get over it”, but depression isn’t just about being sad it’s something that can completely take over your life, debilitate you to where the only movement you can do is peel yourself from the floor to go to the bathroom or get something to eat. First and foremost being able to get help is the best form of help but I also think if your holding on to something deep that is easier to express through art can be a great step.

So, I had been working on an organization that is still in the works but it is an online form that allows everyone who is struggling with depression or anxiety through art and submit it online. There will be online forums to chat for help, and so much more.

To check out more head over to Secret Sorrows to find out more.


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