3 looks for Back to School

It’s been several years since I graduated High School but I always remember no matter the age I always loved shopping for school supplies and a new wardrobe for the new school year. So I decided to put together 3 looks to start off your new year with a bang.

When creating the look I chose pieces that if I was still in school these are looks I would wear with confidence. My personal #1 rule about personal style is that it can always change. If one day your feeling girly and romantic? by all means be girly, if your feeling more street? rock that street style, classic? that’s OK. I used to get a lot of critique on my style because it was never consistent and I often wore items I created that I had seen on the runways or a celebrity. The one thing to remember about going back to school is always stay true to who you are no matter what!

LOOK #1- A little bit Rock and Roll



Back to School-Look #1


When I chose this look I initially had this red plaid top in mind because it was very close to what I wore a lot in High School myself. However, when I was in High School was in the 90’s and mine was much looser fitting which I wore open over a black dress, tights and Dr. Martins. I decided to give it a rock and roll flair with the ripped denim and the ankle boots. This top should still fit loosely but not baggy and maybe tuck in a little in the front only.




Back to school #2

The little white dress was all over the place this summer and usually school starts in September for a lot of schools the weather is sometimes still quite warm so why not bring that simple white dress and warm it up a little bit for fall. I added my favorite fall staple a army green military inspired parka that looks great over dresses, jeans really anything. I also love a pair of ankle booties with the heel exposed, it’s like a sandal and a shoe, totally adorable. I added a quilted backpack, a layered necklace and a delicate but fun bracelet.





Back to school #3

I broke down and bought a pair of Birkenstocks this summer and I got to stay I really wish I had bought these ones instead but I really like the ones I have. Also, when I was in High School I was notorious for wearing jeans but also patterned denim/pants as well. I was never a fan of graphic tees and honestly a lot of them I still don’t care for but I love tees that look vintage and this one kind of makes me feel like it was an older tee. This look is a great school and even weekend look, casual but stylish with a little flair. I bought this nail color from MAC in July and I have to say it is my new favorite nail color. It’s a nude peachy color that transitions well from summer into fall.


What is your favorite back to school look?


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