June Style Box by Socialbliss

It has been a bit since I have posted because I went to Alberta Canada to visit family and my internet was incredibly spotty. Before I left to go to Canada I was going to post about my June Style Box by Socialbliss which actually came at the best possible time because everything was perfect for my roadtrip.

The Style Box was everything “Boho Chic”; which is my style and everything you need for summer.


The Style Box consisted of a pair of vintage cat eye sunglasses, Peruvian Warrior ring, Magnetic Nail color by Essie, a pretty light pink lip gloss by Ulta and the Fated Bliss Kimono Wrap.

I added all these with my Dolce Vita Sandals and H&M cross body bag. I chose these staples because I felt like this would go with almost everything I packed. Denim shorts, Black pants, Black Skirt, White dress…totally versitile.

The Kimono Wrap Retails at $50- This Wrap works in a few different ways like a shawl, scarf and even a vest, I wore it mostly as a scarp because I am a bit to tall and worn as a vest on my just didn’t feel very casual on me, but I have seen it on several other bloggers who are a bit smaller than I am and it looks adorable and completely perfect.

Retro-Specs Sunglasses Retails at $15-I Adore these sunglasses. I love a pair of vintage inspired sunglasses these fit nicely on any shape of face I think. These sunnies will look great with any style, which makes them a great addition to any handbag or beach bag.

The Peruvian Warrior Ring $20-I have been wearing this ring almost on a regular basis. Typically I only wear gold jewelry as of the past few years but when I got this ring I just loved the authentic feel of this ring. Like I had just bought this on a worldly traveled trip. I bought these white and black patterned palazzo pants from Old Navy right before I left and I got this ring and I realized how perfectly they went with the pants. The ring is adjustable which makes it the perfect size for anyone which was great because in Canada the humidity made my hands swell up so badly that I was still able to wear this ring.

photo 2 (9)

Magnetic Charm by Essie Retails at $12- I have actually used this nail color before just not by Essie and not this color. I love this one much more than the one I had and I prefer this color so much more. Paint your nails then turn the top over and hold the magnetic piece over the color and watch the color ripple and create the most unique patterns. It kind of looks like that beautiful rainbow color that gas makes on the ground when it hits water. I love that.

Pretty in Pink Pout retails at $8-This lipgloss by Ulta is such a lovely color for summer. It has the smallest hint of color but adds just the right amount, all you need to complement your summer looks.

Have you gotten your Style Box yet? If not, there is still time for the July box which my review will be posted in the next few days. It’s amazing! Get $10 off your first box by clicking HERE 



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