Wanderlust-4th of July

I realize that today is actually Thursday and not Wednesday, but yesterday was a bit of an overwhelming day with news I wasn’t particularly prepared for so I didn’t get around to posting anything. So, I decided to just post it today rather and just call it Wanderlust rather than the “Wanderlust Wednesday”.

4th of July is tomorrow and like many Americans, we are off to BBQ’s, beaches, camping or just staying close to family and friends to celebrate our Independence, watch some fireworks and drink a little.

But what do you wear for this majestic summer holiday? Well, it truly depends on where you are going this holiday. Here are 3 looks for 3 separate events that I have gone to before on the 4th of July.



A few years ago I got invited to a party with some friends to a rooftop cocktail party at one of the new and gorgeous high-rise buildings here in Seattle. Someone had put together some lovely rooftop cocktail party where everyone could come and mingle, drink and watch the fireworks. Everyone was dressed so lovely and it was by far the nicest 4th of July rooftop party I had been to.  So I thought what would I wear if I was going to another lovely rooftop cocktail party in the city. Keeping with the Red, White & Blue theme of the 4th of July; I wanted to incorporate that into my cocktail attire without looking ridiculous.



4th of July Look 1

A simple white dress is perfect for a warm summer night; and has completely replaced the LBD. I added a pair of neutral heels, red nails and a light blue clutch to pull it all together. I would keep the accessories simple with just a pretty ring. If you wanted you could add some earings or a long pendant but I really like the idea of keeping the white dress clean and simple and not to fussy.


As kids my family had a cabin out near the Hood Canal here in Washington and it was more or less across from the ocean. As I have gotten older the Beach is always the most popular place to go for the 4th of July weekend. In my twenties I camped out on the beach with some friends and BBQ’d then as it got dark watch the Fireworks put on by other beach campers.


4th of July-Beach BBQ

Depending on what type of beach you are at or how warm it is outside you are probably going to want to swim so a swimsuit is obviously a necessity. And since it is the 4th a red one is a good choice. I added a pair of cut off shorts and some american flag Van’s and a tied tank for a cute beach look. Don’t forget to add sun screen, this Sun Bum sunscreen is my favorite. I got mine at Nordstrom for $16. Yes, there are cheaper versions of sunscreen I just really love this one and how it smells. I also love this Bobbi Brown Beach oil, it smells like heaven on a beach. Keep the sun out of your eyes with some much-needed sunglasses, a camera to capture moments and a big tote to carry it all in.



A couple of years ago I went to a garden party for the 4th of July. It was different but so much fun. It felt very east coast Hampton’s. There was a BBQ with Burgers & hot dogs, but there were also lobster rolls, crab, shrimp and oysters. Lost of sparkling wine, a signature holiday drink and gorgeous desserts. It was along a creek and not far from the ocean so we could see some fireworks but mostly we were just there to spend time together.


4th of July -Garden Party
When I went to the garden party before I didn’t put a lot of thought into what I wore, I think I wore just a little summer dress and sandals. If I were to go to another garden party I would put a little more thought into it. When I think of garden party on the 4th of July I, for some reason I think of 1950’s East Coast Beach town so I wanted to replicate that look a bit. I love a full midi skirt and a crop top. I think a crop top balances a full skirt very nicely and gives it a nice summer feel. I added a pair of wedges; however I am usually not a wedge fan but I think for a garden party I want a little lift especially to elongate my legs in a full skirt but I don’t want to sink into the grass with a heel so a wedge is a good alternative and I like these by Tory Birch, they have a very nautical feel and I think go nicely with this striped French Connection skirt. Add a red shoulder bag, a statement ring and some retro inspired white sunglasses and you have the perfect summer garden party look.
What are your plans for the 4th of July?

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