Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is this Sunday and finding a gift for the main man is sometimes a struggle….at least with my dad. I chose about 8 ideas for your father or father figure in your life that I think any dad would love to get.

The other day I was over having dinner with my folks and as my dad was waiting for the BBQ to heat up he was reading through an email he got about gift ideas for dads they included, Omaha steaks, flat screen TV’s, coolers, drills….you get the point. My dad chuckled and said “Well, I guess this is what they think dad’s want.” Which might be true, but if your dad is anything like mine, he tends to lean towards more unique interests as well as some of the basics.

Here are my top 8 ideas but when all else fails get creative, a good card or just an I Love you always does the trick!

The Henley Brand’s Craftsman’s Tool Set  Sold Out (Nordstrom)

While this item is sold out I just couldn’t help but add it to the list. My dad, like many men, believe they can fix anything, but as reality has proven, at my parents house a light switch in the kitchen now turns on a light in a hallway…some place in the house. However, a man needs a nice set of tools, and these are not only super chic (like a dad needs a chic pair of tools) but they get the job done. Now all he needs is a Valentino Tool Belt and he is good to go. Just kidding…But do they make that?


High Art: A History of the Psychedelic Poster  $58.90 (Amazon)

My dad grew up in the 60’s and I suppose you could say he was a bit of a hippie. One thing is true he was a music junkie, and how could you not. All the greats were in his generation and he saw a great deal of them live. This book is great because during the time of 60’s a majority of the bands posters were this trippy Psychedelic mix of color and words and they were brilliant. I know my dad would get a kick out of this book.

download (1)

Bill Graham Psychedelic Vintage Concert Poster (Antique)

To coincide with the book A vintage Rock poster is something I really want to get him this father’s day. In Seattle/Tacoma there is a sea of antique stores and I found one in Tacoma that has authentic ones. They are not cheap but they are in amazing condition and framed. If your dad is an antique buff, hit the antique stores, you are bound to find something they will adore and the price points always vary and I have found the negotiation is always accepted.


Photo Book Price varies (Printsagram)

The nice thing about a photo book is that it’s a nice trip down memory lane, and now it’s not just a photo album you can now print your photos onto pages and create an actual hard back book. It’s almost like you’re an author. With Printsagram you can use your Instagram photos and put a book together or if you go to Blurb.com you can create a book there, snapfish, and even Walgreens. If you’re needing the book quickly I would recommend trying Walgreens its quick and cheap and they come out looking great.


Beer Making Kit  $44.00 (Brooklyn Brew shop)

My dad no longer drinks, but he loved beer. I got this for my brother one Christmas and he liked it and I know my dad wanted to try it. This wouldn’t be a gift I would give him now but for the dad who loves a good beer and loves creating and enjoy making a mess this is the gift for them. They come in a few different types from light to dark.


Photography Class Varies (Any Photography store)

My parents bought me a camera about 10 years ago and I have recently got a brand new one last Christmas. Since the invention of the Iphone my dad has become quite the camera buff and is very talented. He bought himself a new camera and so I thought it would be fun to sign him up for a photography class to get a hold of the basics. You can usually find photography classes offered any camera store. Here in Seattle Glazer’s Camera holds a few different types of classes ranging from basics all the way up to portraits and travel photography and prices usually range from $50-600 depending on length. If you’re in another state check with your local camera stores to find classes.




Golf Game $80-175

This is something my dad loves to do especially with my brother. I am not much of a golf gal, and I used to work as a cocktail server at a golf course so I had my fair share of golfing and to me it’s like sleep walking or waiting for paint to dry, but I get why people would love it. It is usually very quiet and surprisingly relaxing. But my brother and dad could do this all day and I know a round of golf would be something he would be happy to have for this summer. These prices are from one course but I have gotten cheaper prices before for him and I can usually find specials either at the course or on Groupon. Also, something I would do is maybe hit a bucket of balls and grab lunch. A bucket of balls at a course is usually really inexpensive and quite fun.

download (2)


BBQ Rubs & Tools $10.95 and up (William Sonoma)

My dad LOVES to grill, and he LOVES William Sonoma. He also can’t go anywhere without buying a new rub or sauce. I have purchased a few rubs/sauces from William Sonoma for him before and he really loves them. What I would do maybe is put together a BBQ pack, with a couple rubs, a sauce, a grilling tool and an apron.




 Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there!


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