Wanderlust Wednesday-Hawaii

I haven’t done a Wanderlust Wednesday in quite a while. I don’t know why, I think the week just gets moving to quickly and before I remember that it’s Wednesday it’s Friday already.

Lately, I don’t know what it is, but I have had a hankering for some much-needed travel time. But my mini weekend warrior road trips to Portland or the Coast just aren’t cutting it. I am feeling like I need more, like a solid change of scenery completely away from what is familiar to me and honestly I think I need to do it alone. There is something thrilling about taking a vacation by yourself. And while I am a bona-fide city girl sometimes a girl just needs a quiet  beach or pool with a cocktail and a good book.

Thus comes Hawaii. Hawaii is a great tropical destination for a week-long excursion, there is actually a lot to do in Hawaii especially if you are an outdoorsy person. Unlike me, I am not a HUGE fan of hikes especially in the heat but when I am in Hawaii I can’t get enough of being outside. I forget all my insecurities, my worries, my stress. They are just, POOF, gone.

Maui Rainbow Kaanapali

For a full rest and relaxation I like the idea of going to Maui, it’s a beautiful intimate Island which allows the best seclusion I am looking for. Where I stayed last time the beach was gorgeous and private so I was able to lay on the beach with only the occasional visitors, I got to learn to surf by a local, drove up the Road to Hana where I swam under a waterfall and drank my weight in fruity concoctions.

Maui Waterfall

It’s the perfect relaxing destination. Now, what to bring with you to Hawaii? Well, I have learned to pack VERY LIGHTLY when I go to Hawaii. I realized that on my very first trip, I packed so much stuff but pretty much lived in a swim suit, shorts and a tank top the entire week.

Not Maui, but Honolulu from 2010. I don't have any pictures from Maui because they are on another computer.

Not Maui, but Honolulu from 2010.  A picture I took. I don’t have any pictures from Maui because they are on another computer.

Here is my list of must haves for a trip to Hawaii:

  • SUNSCREEN!!! If your fair-skinned like me the sun is your worst enemy. I know full well that I need sunscreen however on my very first trip to Maui I went surfing and didn’t bother putting sunscreen on my legs because my genius brain said ” I don’t need sunscreen my legs are going to be in the water all day anyways”…. NOT TRUE. Water reflects, which I learned quickly, ( No I am not this dumb, I just don’t think things through right away I just say or do.) And left Hawaii with not only a love in my heart but 3rd degree burn on my legs.
  • Shorts-I’d say bring at least three pairs, they are small and roll up easily.
  • Flip Flops– These will come in handy walking to and from the beach and pool and everywhere in between.
  • Sneakers-If your planning on doing any type of hiking or large amount of walking I would bring sneakers, if you know for a fact you wont be then leave them at home.
  • Sunglasses-A MUST.
  • A Hat– The sun seems to be much stronger in Hawaii so I recommend a hat. Bring one or purchase one there, or better yet get stylish and classy with a gorgeous head scarf. Break with tradition. Pretend your Elizabeth Taylor for a weekend.
  • Some type of swim suit cover up-Just because you may want to have something light by the pool or beach.
  • Swim suit– I mean, why go to Hawaii and not bring a swim suit.
  • One Dress-I recommend bringing one light but nice dress just in case you end up going out some place nice for dinner.
  • Tank Tops or Tee-Tank tops and tee’s roll up or fold up nicely in a suitcase so they don’t take up much room.
  • Camera-Big or small. No trip is complete without a camera to capture it all. At least for me it’s not.

This may seem like a lot, but if you opened your suitcase that you always use to travel and took all these items you will realize that you have way more room than say going somewhere you need boots, jeans or sweaters.

Also, to save space, this is something I know other people do but I roll my clothes to make it easier to fit things, I also roll my under garments and stuff them in pockets of my suitcase, shoes on the bottom, makeup bag/toiletries in the center and build around.

So what do I usually take with me? Take a look at my look for a Hawaii getaway.


BEACH or Pool Side 







Exploring Hawaii
So, are you ready for a glorious Hawaii Trip too?

An Oahu Beach, 2010

A Oahu Beach, 2010


One thought on “Wanderlust Wednesday-Hawaii

  1. loveleavelaura says:

    I LOVE this blog entry — what a great idea: Wanderlust Wednesday!! Travelling is one of my favorite things to do, and Hawaii is in my top three places I want to go to. And I really like how you planned outfits for the trip too! Great idea!

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