Socialbliss StyleBox {May Review}

This box couldn’t have come at a better time. I have been working really hard lately to find items to brighten, soften and hydrate my skin. Every time I get my Style Box is like Christmas morning. I never know what is coming and this month is all about beauty. What I truly love about The Style Box, that is very different from other monthly boxed is that for starters each box is valued at $100 or more (like this month it’s valued at just over $200) and you only pay $39.95 a month and all items are full-sized items, and not sample sizes.




As you can see this time there is another amazing item from Izzy & Ali. If you remember last month the box came with a gorgeous blue shoulder bag that I totally fell in love with. I actually adore that the last two boxes had a purse in the box but this time I got this adorable coin purse. It is actually a pretty good size. Right now I am actually using this to hold some of necessary pieces from my previous makeup bag because my new summer bag is a bit smaller than my last, but I love this for summer trips. This is great to tuck in your phone, credit cards, ID and a lipgloss and then toss into your beach bag. It’s small and easy to pull out when you need it.


I have actually been using these for a while. I LOVE these. I still use regular elastics sometimes but they usually get tangled in my hair sometimes and always pull my hair when I am taking my hair out. These are perfection. They are the next best thing to those no slip hangers. They don’t rip my hair and they never get tangled. They stay in place and I usually sleep with my hair up and when I wake up to take my hair down I don’t have dents and my hair looks like it did when I went to sleep. Not only that they are SUPER CUTE and look like little bracelets when you have them on your wrist. I love this one I got. I really like the neutral colors and the polka dot pattern is adorable.


This is a great at home spa package, especially now that summer is right around the corner. With three types of loofah scrubs, spa headband to keep your hair back when you wash your face and a roller massager to fully relax. I used this the other night to relax and take advantage of this long weekend. It was the perfect addition to my relaxing bath.


I have not tried this before but I had heard some really good reviews about this product so I was really excited when I saw it in this months box. It’s really small which creates a much more precise curl. Add some mascara and apply pressure to the lashes for 5-10 seconds. Then you have sexy, lush, and fuller lashes. It is small enough to curl your bottom lashes as well.


I really love a cleansing wipe. I am, I have to say, quite lazy when it comes to cleaning my face so the cleansing cloths are great for at night if I want to wash my face but not put a lot of effort into it. I usually use YES To Cucumber wipes to make sure my makeup is removed or just to cleanse my skin of day old dirt and oil. I REALLY like these. With Pink Lemonade & Milk infused they remove makeup and my skin feels so soft and SOOOO CLEAN!!!


The major piece to the box was this product by Lift Fusion. When I saw this in the box I was SUPER excited because I have read great reviews on this product and I have seen it in magazines and so forth. Also, now that I am into my early 30’s I am always looking for new miracle products to reduce any wrinkles and tighten anything up that might be starting to slide. I haven’t had a chance to use this product yet but I am really excited to see the results all the reviews I have read rave about it.

Don’t forget that with your first purchase of a Style Box you can receive $10 off!! Just follow this link to get yours now.



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