Daily Juice Diet

I mentioned in my last post that I was unhappy with how I looked. And frankly, as I get older I am quickly hit with the realization that I unfortunately am not 22 anymore and I am therefore not immortal and immune to health issues. I had made goals for myself on a pretty frequent basis but I don’t tend to follow through with anything. Not that I don’t want them to happen I let my weaknesses and my insecurities and depression get the better of me.

So, after seeing photos of me, and seeing my dress size go up instead of down and really just tired of feeling like shit I decided to really make some changes.

When you get yourself in a rut, any type of rut, it’s hard to get yourself out of it. But at some point you have to just take that step to make a small change. The small change than is bigger, then bigger then before you know it you have changed your life for the better. And that is what I am hoping to do.


So, I ordered a Hamilton Beach juicer from Amazon. I didn’t spend a lot of money on it {about $40} because I didn’t want to spend up to $200 in case I didn’t like it. I got it yesterday and last night I wanted to see how it worked, so I just cut up an apple and an orange and created the most delicious juice ever. Would taste delicious with vodka, but that defeats the purpose lol.

This juicer is much smaller than most juicers so I have to do a rough chop on the fruit and veggies before I pop them into the juicer. It does get a little stuck with the spinach and the lettuce or if the apples are not cut small enough but all in all it’s a pretty good juicer.

I made two juices tonight for tomorrow, one for breakfast and one for a mid afternoon snack. I will be honest I am probably not doing this the proper way because I will be eating a super small but healthy lunch like a salad or something and a very light dinner like fish and veggies. I am going to work my way into a juice for lunch but for right now I want to make sure that I like the juices more than just a sip but actually drink as a replacement for a meal. I also joined the community center a few miles from my place so I can swim, rock climb and just regular cardio.

So, here are the two juices that I did.



This juice is good anytime from what I was reading. Full of antioxidants to combat free radicals and cleanse your system of toxins. So basically, the next morning after you drank a couple of bottles a glass of wine, this would be the juice to drink. Tons of healthy greens giving your body the healthy nutrients.

3 apples-peeled

1 stick of celery-peeled

half a cucumber

1 handful of spinach

1 handful of lettuce




The final product. I have to say, this tastes really good, it’s not my favorite but I really like it, not super sweet which I think is a good idea for a mid afternoon snack/meal.





This drink is great for the morning before any type of activity and I think getting up in the morning and going to work takes energy there for a good breakfast drink which is what I am using for my breakfast. This drink is full of vitamins and minerals and I love the pineapple flavor that comes through with this drink.



1/3 of pineapple

1/2 cucumber-peeled

handful of spinach

2 apples-peeled

Fresh juice of 2 limes { I actually just cut the limes up and tossed them in the juicer}



So far these are the only two juices I have tried and I really like them, but if anyone is an avid juicer and has some great tips, or fabulous recipes let me know!!!



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