Spring has sprung {With the Dolce Vita NIRO Sandal}

Spring has definitely arrived here in Seattle today. Which has really gotten me in the mood for cool warmer clothing. I recently purchased the Dolce Vita Sandals from Nordstrom, and I have to say I was in no position to be purchasing them but I have been searching for a pair of sandals with a stacked heel that I could wear with literally everything. I made the mistake of entering Nordstrom with family, and then felt the magnetic pull to the shoe department which I knew was a bad idea. Like smelling pizza when your on a diet; it’s pretty much just over.

Dolce Vita "Niro" $158.95

Dolce Vita “Niro” $158.95

I was doing pretty well, but then I saw them. Almost calling my name. I held them for a while not really sure if I should try them on or not. I finally decided to try them on. They were not in my size but I was able to order them from SoCal. They came on Friday and fit perfectly.

The reason I decided to buy them was because as I was standing there holding these fabulous shoes I thought to myself: “Jennifer, Get your shit together. You constantly turn down jobs, interviews, dates, shoes, dresses, apartments, all because you think there is something better out there. Well we all know there isn’t, and if there is you just return them.”

This is something I do on a regular basis, I find something I love but I always put it back because I think I can wait a month or something and get it later and then I go back to get it it’s sold out or I can’t find it or anything close to it.

This weather has really gotten me pumped to make sure I have fun with my style this spring and summer, so I put together 3 looks with the Dolce Vita Niro sandal that I would wear and I will shortly do my own personal trio of outfits for my current body size with the shoes and the Melie Bianco Handbag from my March Style Box by Socialbliss.


Spring Lace
When I think of spring this year I am kind of in love with lace. It is so feminine and girly, which is so far from what I am typically but it has a gorgeous vintage feel that I love and with the Dolce Vita it’s the perfect spring look. I would wear this look to meet the girls for brunch or just out and about on a warm Spring afternoon. The bracelet, stacked rings and necklace all by Stella & Dot are the perfect match for this look. The necklace is long but has a beautiful vintage addition and pulls the whole look together. With a pretty pink nail color by Julep and this delicious smelling body oil is so light and perfect for this time of year.
Casual weekend with the Niro

Since it is spring I wanted to incorporate some brighter colors into my wardrobe, I added this gorgeous but casual pink silk cami with a pair of distressed boyfriend jean. My favorite thing to do is mix romantic pieces and casual pieces. It’s my favorite thing to do when deciding what to wear. I used to think a white blazer was a bit 80’s but I when I saw this Zara blazer I sort of second guessed that idea because I loved the structure of this blazer. To make it more casual I would roll up the sleeves a bit. Or just drape it over your shoulders. I love this forever21 necklace, I love the different sized and it is quite delicate. Angela & Roi is by far one of my favorite line of handbags, so this gorgeous handbag is the perfect addition to this look. If you have more of a casual work place this would work, but I would wear this to happy hour with friends or just shopping through the city.

Dolce Vita Nira-Work
So, lets say you have a more business office, and denim isn’t exactly welcomes. The Dolce Vita “Niro” Sandal can still work I think. When it comes to work pants I have been pretty crazy about straight ankle pants. I love them with a loose, silky fitting button down tucked in a little. I LOVE this floral patterned blouse. How I would wear it though is the sleeves rolled up and not buttoned all the way up. I would want the Stella & Dot arrow necklace to show :). I would keep the rest of the accessories simple, so just a lovely Marc by Marc Jacobs Rose Gold watch and a pretty pink nail color. Of course if I am going to work I need something to carry all my things and this shopper by Angela & Roi is perfect for that.

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