Oscar 2014 Recap {Fav Red Carpet Looks}

Sunday night was by far the best Oscar night in a long time. Ellen DeGeneres can go ahead and host every year. It was a relaxed, happy and funny evening that I think even took the stars by surprise.


The winners were all beyond deserving of their wins and Jared, Lupita & Matthew’s speeches were so heartwarming and inspirational which made it even more amazing. Their passion and true appreciation was obvious.

download (1)




From Pizza, to inspiring speeches & Twitter breaking Selfie’s it sure was such a great evening for me to watch.





{One of my favorites of the night. So beautiful. }

Julia Roberts

Margot Robbie

Matthew & Camilla

Chrissy Tiegens

Laura Dern

Olivia Wilde

Kelly Osbourne

Amy Adams

Naomi Whatts

Kerry Washington

Sandra Bullock

Cate Blanchett

Emma Watson

Charlize Theron{Charlize Theron looks GORGEOUS. Probably one of my favorites of the night}

Jennifer Lawrence

{I love that she wore red, and a backwards diamond necklace, similar to last year. She looks stunning}

Kate Hudson



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