Daily Looks {For A Budget}

I don’t know if I am alone here, but I used to have the misconception that I couldn’t look stylish on a budget, so there for I spent the majority of my time pretty casually dressed. However, this is not the case. If you have an eye, the time and the patience you can dress yourself on a budget and look like a million bucks.

Some of my favorite places to shop at when I am budgeting my shopping are ASOS, Target, Forever21, H&M and ZARA. ZARA actually is a great place for beautiful items but it can be a bit pricey. However, if you check out ZARA on a regular basis they often times have sales LIKE RIGHT NOW, and their sales are amazing. What was once over $80 are not between $10 and $40 the downside is that items on ZARA online go really quickly. During this post I found a skirt I adored but had to run someone to the airport when I got back the skirt was sold out. I run into that a lot with ZARA.

So, what I wanted to do is choose some items from my favorite budget friendly places and create 3 looks. A casual weekend look, A work Look, & an evening look. I put the prices of each item and gave you the total for each item.


Budget Friendly Look

This is a look I would wear now, and well into summer. These chinos from H&M come is many different colors and they were marked down from $25 to $12 I mean, really?! What a bargain. How I would wear the chinos would be to roll up the cuffs, it just a cute little element to any look and a cuffed pant looks adorable and sexy with heels. Forever21 is a great place if you want jewelry but don’t want to spend a lot. I say it’s the place to go if you want to be on trend but don’t want to spend a ton on something that will be out of style in a few months. H&M also has great basics like this adorable flowy tank which looks great with everything really. It would also look great with the sequined skirt from Target in my evening look.


Budget Friendly Look-Work

This is a great go to look for work. To me, it looks like an outfit that would cost way more than just a little over $100, FOR EVERYTHING! The skirt is from Zara which was I think originally a bit over $60, however when I went to go back to get the original price because I forgot to write it down the skirt was sold out 😦 but this is what I am talking about. A gorgeous skirt for oh so cheap. The satin blouse is from H&M, tuck in the blouse to your skirt and roll up the sleeves. It has a nice loose romantic feel and I think complements the floral skirt nicely. I added a simple necklace and a chain bracelet just for some texture I guess lol and a pair of nude pumps. This cream satchel from Forever21 is a nice work purse for everything.


Budget Friendly Look-Evening

So, this look I realize is probably a hit or miss, but I am kind of a sucker for mixing a little sparkle with a basic tee, and this tee is a loose crop from H&M is one of my favorites. The skirt is from Target and literally $30 bucks! For a beautiful skirt like that and only $30 is such a great deal. For this look the cami from my casual look would look adorable with this look too. I added this super cute white clutch on sale at ZARA and these strappy heels on sale from ZARA too. The skirt is flashy but I feel like the top just needed a little something so I added this gorgeous necklace from H&M.

Where are your favorite places to shop when on a budget?


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