Golden Globes {My Look}

The Golden Globes are this Sunday and I am, of course, beyond excited! If you follow my blog you know that the dramatic arts, and the awards shows are pretty much my everything. I wanted to be an actor growing up (and secretly still do, even just for a day) and the awards shows remind me and I think everyone that acting isn’t just about which actor is hooking up with which actor, or who’s wasted. It reminds us of the pure talent & the history of this art. And of course the fashion.

For me it’s more about the film and acting and everything but I won’t lie, I love seeing what the stars will be wearing down the red carpet.

Again, as I mentioned before I dream about being able to go to the awards shows, last year when I was living in L.A. I drove down and unexpectedly got stuck in awards traffic, limos, cameras etc. It was beyond exciting for me. Now, that I am back in seattle (temporarily) I miss L.A. more than ever because it was sort of my ridiculous way of being a part of it even though I am not at all. It makes me want to make an effort to go out there and try to do acting or something in the industry just so I won’t ever have regrets and you never know 🙂

Now, back to what I was going to say before the ADD took over lol, What would I wear if I had the opportunity to walk down that red carpet? Lets find out!


When I saw this dress, I just really loved the color and the romantic Grecian feel of the dress. I also love this gorgeous head wrap from Untamed Petal because of the clips to grasp onto the hair. I was worried it looked a little to “prom” and not special enough but I just adore this dress and I think the most special look would be saved for the Academy Awards.

This dress seems simple but it does have a lot going on with the draped bottom, so I left the accessories super simple with just the head wrap and a gorgeous rings, clutch and these adorable sandals, the strap across the top is clear with gold spots, which make the look even more heavenly.

I would keep my make up very glowing, very gold, and very very simple & my hair would be in a low bun, not super curly but more fluffy if that makes any sense. I actually like the hair style that is modeled on the untamed petal website with the wrap I adore. I would probably want it almost just a bit less curly though. These rings I am obsessed with. The large one I would wear on my middle finger on my left hand and the other on my ring finger of my right hand.

Golden Globe Look


Will you be watching the Golden Globes this Sunday? Who are you most excited to see?


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