New Years Eve!



Tomorrow is New years Eve. Which means we look back on our year with joyful memories, or realize we have the opportunity to create the best 2014 we can. Make changes and really start anew.


It’s also the time to get together with friends and family for parties, drinks, fireworks and a kiss at midnight.

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When new years rolls around I tend to not create any type of resolution because I never stick with it. 2013 was not an amazing year for me, it was a year where things in my life started to actually make sense as to what has made me me. Realizing I had some issues I needed to take care of and just life. I actually see 2014 as a beacon of hope for me. I am more than ready to take on my life, through the good and the very bad, I want to be the best I can be on the inside and out. I know it sounds like a resolution, but it’s more of a guideline for my life :).

SO…..Are you planning on going out? Staying in? Hosting a party? Here are some of my favorite fun and festive party photos I found searching for Holiday/New Years ideas and then the look I chose for what I would want to wear if I were going out or hosting a party.










{ Have some fun and get a little wild with this gorgeous colorful hair.}



{I love these DIY vases for table toppers or just around your home via Pinterest}

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{These are DIY via for $19}

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New Years

My look is something I would for sure be wearing tomorrow night, I am kind of obsessed with sequins, which is weird because not long ago I used to hate them. They were to girly, but I realized quickly that you can have a little sparkle but add something a bit more casual to it. (Which I am usually pretty notorious for doing.)

So what I did with this gorgeous ombre sequined pencil skirt is add a lacy bralet under a loose racer back tank with deep arm holes lol. I LOVE this look. I LOVE a muscle tee with really deep arm holes, for me it’s totally casual but super sexy. You could add a statement necklace or something but I think with this special skirt I would stay away from a necklace and just add a bangle or two on my wrists.

I, again, would keep my shoes simple and sexy, like these nude ankle strapped heels, add a gold fold over clutch and a leather jacket to top of the look. The leather jacket to add a bit of a casual feel, I would scrunch up the sleeves or roll them up a bit. If you feel like adding a bold lip, go right ahead, even add a festive nail design. When it comes to the hair, I wouldn’t get to crazy, a side messy fish tale braid or a messy bun would look sexy and romantic.

What are your plans for New Years? I wish you the best new years, and a fabulous 2014. See you next year!! šŸ™‚


{All photos are from Pinterest, GlitterGuide, darbysmart or google. My look is something I created & Featured photo is mine}


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