Christmas Eve & Day Recap

Christmas is a couple days behind us, but I wanted to share some photos from my holiday with my folks on Christmas Eve & Day. It’s my absolute favorite time of year and I am so sad it’s over, but 2014 is only days away and I am very excited to put 2013 behind me and really make 2014 my own.


{Going to The Pike Place Market is pretty much a family tradition for Christmas Eve. It was funny because  when I was standing here with my folks deciding where to go next there was no one there. It was quiet which is un-heard of so I picked up my camera to snap a picture and it was if they all just got dumped out of a bus because literally all these people showed up lol. Oh well, it’s still a fun picture. }

photo 2 (25)

{The Tree in front of Westlake Center. This tree is lite the day after Thanksgiving along with the star across the street atop of Macy’s and some fireworks. I haven’t gone in a while because I had either been in L.A. or I just don’t like going. It’s way to busy. The Pike Place Market tree light is much more my speed and feels like a local community Christmas event rather than the Westlake Tree lighting, still a pretty tree. }

photo 1 (26)

{The Star atop of the Macy’s, I love it.}            


{I went with my parents to the Alderbrook Resport in Union, WA, which is this gorgeous resort down the road from my parents place. They had this huge Christmas Day brunch in addition to a couple main course options. Eggs Benedict is a bit of a weakness for me, and if you add Salmon, Crab or Spinach to it, then I am 100% sold. This was their spinach Salmon Eggs Benedict and it was DELICIOUS!!!}


{Our view from our table at brunch. We were lucky enough to get a window table.}






{ I am so excited and obsessed with sweater from Forever 21 plus. I ordered it not thinking it was going to get here in time for Christmas but it came Christmas Eve so I of course had to wear it Christmas day.}


{The lip bracelet from Forever 21 I am in love. AND one of my favorite pieces is my Gigi of New York monogrammed zippered pouch.}


{Dibi Ankle booties, Old Navy Rockstar Denim and Oldnavy Peacoat on the beach}


{Puppy and Me}



photo 4 (12)

{He found his favorite spot Christmas morning}

photo 3 (16)

{To much Christmas for Zeke}

photo 4 (11)

{The day after Christmas shopping in Ballard with my brother and parents. My favorite shop}

photo 2 (24)

{My big surprise. I had no idea I was getting this I literally cried LOL }

photo 1 (25)

{Gigi of New York Pouch at breakfast 🙂 }

How was your Holidays?



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