Holiday Gift Guide for him

His gift guide


I’m not going to lie. Shopping for guys is pretty hard for me. I never know what to get them so I like to get them things that are a little unique. My friend gave me some suggestions on websites that he shops at and I will agree they have some amazing unique choices for the man in your life. Here is a few items.


1. Inventory Magazine

Give the gift of joy with Inventory Magazine. It’s a large magazine and so beautiful, art, fashion, architecture really, a little bit of everything done so clean and lovely.


Inventory Magazine $20 for one or $50 for 1 year subscription

2. Pendleton National Park Hand Towels

These have a clean rustic feel that would look terrific in any man’s home.


$38.40 at

3. Triple C for J.Crew USB Phone Charger 

A charger for when you’re not in your car or can’t find an outlet. They come in other colors I just really like this wood grain look.


$34.50 at

4. Supreme Buffalo Check 5-Panel

I love the look of these hats I don’t know why. It’s that sporty lumber jack look LOL they just look so great on guys.

zAb6RPCMJLA$48 at

5. Eames: Beautiful Details Book

This is one of the more expensive buys for a book for if you have someone who is a fan of Eames items then this is definitely worth the price. 
$200 at


6. Carry On Travel Case

For the man who travels.


1010600-12$19 at

7. Stainless-Steel Flask

I really believe every man should have a flask and this is so clean and classic.


On sale for $39.50 at

8. Glacier National Park Blanket MADE IN U.S.A.

Warm, classic, gorgeous and would look amazing over your mans Eames Chair. It’s even more fantastic because it is made in the U.S.A.


$218 at

9. Tivoli Model One BT 

“Uses bluetooth wireless Technology’s Advanced A2DP Profile for High-Quality audio” per description on site. I love the look of this radio and it does come in a couple different styles and color.


$318.40 at

10. Instax 90 Neo Classic Instant Camera by Fuji

Does he love taking pictures? Get him this vintage inspired instant camera.


$225 just for Camera $22 for film at

Happy Shopping !!


4 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide for him

  1. girlychristina says:

    Shopping for guys is really tough for me too! I never know exactly what to get them unless I ask them, but then that takes the fun out of gift-giving! I really like your choices here as it covers many interests, especially the flask! who doesn’t want to drink on the go?! lol.

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