Angela & Roi Handbags-Shopping by Color

Finding the perfect handbag can be a challenge. If your like me you have an idea of the perfect handbag, the price, the color, the look, the size, the fabric, the details, everything. When it comes down to shopping for the perfect bag it’s kind of a let down because usually your dream bag is at an unrealistic price (Hello $5200).

Well, I think I have found your new dream purse with so much to love about them!

I have been wanting to replace my purse lately but as always the price tag or quality makes the task a bit daunting, so when I got the email about Angela & Roi I was so excited because it was as though they knew I was looking for them.



Angela & Roi are an online retailer of boutique style handbags with a realistic price tag and to top it off they are GORGEOUS, made out of the finest vegan leather these bags are made with so much love, care and detail I want one in every color and style. Angela & Roi are a husband and wife team, Angela & Roi Lee who decided to call their brand Angela & Roi because, “because their relationship is the most important part of their lives.” Now how amazing is that.

Angela & Roi’s handbags are classically designed and sophisticated that work for everyday. But there is so much more to Angela & Roi that makes them my new favorite handbags and online shop. Not only are their handbags vegan, they have the Philosophy of not just looking amazing but providing awareness to many different causes and donating $5 of each sales to a specific cause.



{Everyday Ivory Tote $120 where $5 is donated to Lung Cancer}



Shopping by color allows you to choose a handbag you love, in a specific color, and that color links with a specific non-profit organization where $5 of each sale is donated.

It’s works like this with the below break down as shown at

Untitled-2So, like for me, I obviously would be happy donating my money towards any of these amazing organizations they support but because I and people I know suffer (or live) with Anxiety, depression, etc I am going to choose this gorgeous bag,


{Square Green Tote $148}

Which is the Green ribbon that provides awareness for depression. There is also a leather ribbon that is attached to the handle of the handbag to show your ribbon of the organization that you have donated to.


Check out their website to view the rest of their gorgeous handbags and learn more about the company and shopping by color.

It’s the Holiday season, time to give back, giving back is fashionable, literally. Add these to your holiday wish list, treat yourself or a friend or family member and feel like your not only giving the gift of style but the gift of making a difference in the world and in someones life.

Style & giving back isn’t just for the holidays, but everyday we should remember to respect each other, we should give back to people, we should treat everyone how we would want to be treated.


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