Wanderlust Wednesday-Germany

My family is German, and the last time I went to Germany was the summer when I was 12 yrs old. It was not much long after the wall came down between East and West Germany (yes I am getting old) so there was a lot of the wall all over the place. It was an incredible experience, but as I get older I want so much to go back and experience it again some 20 years ago.

It’s no surprise that I love the holidays, and I would LOVE to be able to visit Germany now to not only see what I saw when I was 12 but to see it all with snow and decorated for the holidays.

images (4)



images (3)

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There is so much history here and just a train ride away from so many amazing other places to view. I have often had the desire to actually move to Germany for a few months then go wherever my heart takes me 🙂

While in Germany in the winter time I believe it is a bit chilly and I of course I want to be comfortable because I assume I will be walking around quite a bit. Here is what I would probably where while touring Berlin or other historical sites.

My favorite thing about Germany was all the site seeing. The shopping. The food. Because I am German I am used to traditional German food and a bratwurst, sauerkraut and a beer in a boot? could not taste better than in Germany.

When I was 12 and in Germany everyone who was my age drank beer, and I realized that their drinking age was “if you can see over the bar you can drink.” lol, at least that is what they told me. I was very tall and thin when I was younger so I think they thought I was older than I was, like 14 lol but still so young.

Now onto the Looks! 🙂



When touring the city and historic landmarks I still want to look stylish in another country but comfortable. Rolled up worn in denim, a silk top, a plaid wool jacket, ski cap, comfy ankle boots and I am set. Don’t forget your camera! 🙂




Night out in Berlin

Of course when in a different city you will obviously want to have a night out at a bar/pub/club/lounge and want to look adorable. I love the look of rolled up denim with a pair of heels and a dressier top. I also LOVE leather tops or skirts. This top is fun because it is cropped and I felt like if I was going to be in a warm inside I could pull this off in the cold, just add an adorable moto plaid warm jacket.

Now I am even more ready to jump on a one way plane ticket to Germany and just travel around for a year. Who is with me?? 🙂


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