Wanderlust Wednesday-Canada

My mom is Canadian. so this means that as kids my brother and I spent a ton of time there, mostly in Calgary, Alberta in the summers for the Stampede. We sometimes would go during the winter and during the holidays and spend the day at Banff National Park and it would be just so beautiful. Cold but beautiful. My favorite time to go to Alberta is in the winter because of the snow. L.A. doesn’t get any obviously, and Seattle gets very little; so when I get the chance to go to Canada I love going when I know it is going to be snowing. I have only been to Vancouver B.C. and Calgary, Alberta and well, any areas around there :).

I just got back from Calgary on Monday for my grandmother’s 80th birthday and it was really nice to be there. On Sunday it was 16 degrees and tons of snow, it was GORGEOUS. I took this picture on a walk to this fantastic restaurant on Price island called “River Cafe”. My brother and my mom stopped for a drink and shared a flatbread of Boar prosciutto, very good.

photo 3 (13)

photo 2 (21)

{Inside the restaurant, they offer blankets for you at your table and there is a cozy fire to sit in front of.}

photo 1 (21)

{The river frozen on our walk over to the River Cafe}

So, I got to thinking about this weeks Wanderlust, and I just obviously still have Canada on the brain 🙂 and wanted to revisit Vancouver B.C. & Calgary along with a couple of places I like to visit and what to wear.


Vancouver is about 3 hours from Seattle so it makes for a nice (but long) day trip or a weekend away. Vancouver has definitely grown from what I remember as well as changed. When I was 19 and into my early 20’s I would go with my friends to shop and hit the clubs but we would mostly stay on Granville St & Robson St. Granville has the majority of the clubs and some shops and Robson has a lot of other shops, but when I went to visit the last with my friend the Gas Light District has really changed and I LOVE it. Old brick buildings fabulous restaurants and some shops. I also love going to Granville Island but it gets so busy and if you sit outside those seagulls are super aggressive and steal food 🙂 but it’s still a fun experience.

Here are a few photos I took in Vancouver B.C. and you can also see my post on Vancouver from the summer before last here http://wp.me/p1S047-cC 

DSC_0025 DSC_0039 DSC_0050 img_0991


{Gas Town has an alley that I think is called “Blood Alley” with good restaurants, and great shopping}


{Definitely check out Stanley Park if you go to Vancouver}


Calgary is very country, lots of farms and the Rockies in the distance. I actually love it there. Banff National Park is about an hour outside of Calgary and totally worth a visit. Check the hot springs and the Banff Springs Hotel, it is gorgeous but kind of reminds me of the Shining lol, but so beautiful.

photo 5 (5)

{Sunshine + Snow, my favorite! }

photo 4 (7)

{Boots + Snow in Calgary last weekend}


images (1)


{The Banff Springs Hotel}


If you feel like driving a little farther hit up the Radium Hot springs. I have always wanted to go there but I love just pulling over and looking over at all the people in the pool. I know there are some hot springs that you can hike into somewhere but I have never been but would love to go.

If you happen to go to Calgary in the summer plan your summer trip for Stampede week. It is their fair but there is just so much more there. It’s more than a county fair it’s a big deal and SOOO much fun!


If your going to Calgary in the winter you definitely want to bundle up. Scarves, hats, gloves, warm coat, warm boots. I went to Calgary a couple of years ago for my uncle’s wedding and the wind was so cold and when I stepped off the plane my nose felt like it froze closed.

Vancouver gets cold but it has never been as cold as Calgary. If you’re in Vancouver in the winter I would recommend a warm jacket, scarf and hat.

Here are a couple looks I would wear for both locations.


Vancouver Winter
Calgary Cold

The looks are pretty similar but for Vancouver I added a lighter jacket that works well in rain and just a regular ankle boot. If there is snow in Vancouver I would say grab a pair of knee high boots with rubber soles. In Calgary you also want a water proof jacket but super warm and a pair of boots with a rubber sole so you don’t slip.

I love the snow and it’s beauty that Canada has. If you are planning a trip you will certainly enjoy what this gorgeous country has to offer.

Happy Travels 🙂



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