Julep Maven Box



I have tried a few of the monthly boxes out there. Birchbox, Glossybox, but out of all of the ones I have tried I have to say that the Julep Maven Box is by far my favorite.

I got my first box for free through some website I found, when you sign up you answer a few questions to find out what style you are: Boho glam, Bombshell. Classic with a twist or It girl. Each month you get a Maven box specifically created for your style. I am Boho glam which is actually right on the money :). Your starter box comes with 2 nail colors and another product.

After your first box each month you get 2 colors and a product and they add some of the cutest and lovely quotes each month in the box. In one box I even got a packet of seeds to plant and in the summer they added some salt water taffy which I thought was such an adorable touch.

The reason I love Julep so much is because their products are just really amazing. The nail colors are not only gorgeous but the colors are so pigmented they also don’t include formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, or DBP. It dries super quickly and doesn’t chip as much as other nail colors I have tried.

They don’t test on animals from what I understand and they donate a portion of their proceeds to organizations that support women through their powered by girlfriends program.

Julep is more than just nail colors it’s hair products, beauty products and body products.

SOOOOO…….here are a few pics of my favorite items from Julep.



{this instant warming scrub is amazing. This was part of my very first box and I use it quite frequently in the shower. I use it on my feet and it heats up so quickly and it feels amazing. My feet are so soft after each use.}


{This beach tonic is AHHHMMMAAAZZZIIINNNGGG. I used it the most in the summer time because well it just felt like a summer time product. When I first got it I wasn’t super into the smell but once it settled into my skin I LOVED how it smelled. It’s kind of warm citrus  smell. It just makes my skin sooo sooo sooo soft. }



{Nail color “Nellie”. It’s such a pretty bright pink color that I wear mostly in the spring and summer. }




{“Lexie” is such a fun yellow that I wear, again, in the summer but I love this color. It looks like lemons on your nails. Super cute.}



{“Alexandra” I love this color this time of year. It’s like my version of a winter white 🙂 it’s like this nude/cream/white color. It’s such a perfect neutral for fall/winter.}



{“Robin” Literally looks like a Robin’s egg. Try adding some gold leaf to the blue and it’s so gorgeous. It looks like a Faberge egg.}


{This product is one of my newest items. It’s a face oil which I have started using on my skin to remove my makeup. I was worried about putting oil on my face since I already have oily skin but I love how it feels on my face. I wash my face after I use it to remove makeup. Love.}

IMG_1759 IMG_1758


{“Kristy” is a gorgeous navy blue color. It’s so shiny. It’s perfect.}

IMG_1763 IMG_1764


{When I saw this lip color I thought it was pretty but I really didn’t think it would look good on me. I tried it on and it looked really pretty but I thought it was a tad to sticky, but I tossed it in my purse and little by little it has grown on me and I LOVE this lip gloss. It’s actually not as sticky as I had first tried it and it tastes like cupcakes. It’s the perfect lip gloss for day or night. }

Have you tried any Julep products? What are your favorites?


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