An added touch


I finally got my dresser out of storage. I’m kind of over it but until I move again I’m just going to hang on to it. As I was putting my stuff away I decided I needed to jazz up my dresser top because I always end up just getting it way to cluttered. I had these pictures/paintings that I adore but hadn’t really wanted to hang them yet so I decided to stack them on the dresser and against the wall. I added a pair of heels that are special for a girly touch three of my favorite books, my very first ever Diptique candle I purchased in San Francisco and one of my many vintage cameras {this one is a brownie camera}.

So, what do you think?

*back picture was taken by the owner of a restaurant I worked for
* the next one down was a Seattle photographer, picture bought at Pike Place Market
*the painting to the left is a double set of a bird. Antique bought at the Pike Place Market

* the girl was given to me by
My parents from an antique store

* the lion painting was painted by my grandfather
*i have a fairly big collection of antique or unique cameras, I bought this one at the Fremont Market here in Seattle
* the shoes are by Sam Edelman
* candle is Diptique in Sandelwood bought at the boutique in San Francisco
* books are The Great Gataby, The stranger & Paris was Ours


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