Happy Halloween

It’s officially All-Hallows-Eve. I love Halloween, but like most holidays they come far to quickly and I didn’t dress up for a party I went to this year but I got to thinking if I had a last-minute Halloween party to go to tonight and had to pick a costume really quickly what I do? Hippie. It’s such a simple costume right now, similar to my 90’s costume because more than likely you already have pieces in your closet.

I also wanted to let you all know I re did my flapper makeup youtube video because the last one was way to long. This is also a super simple costume. The costume, all you would need is a loose-fitting dress or skirt and top, fishnets or nylons and a strappy mary jane like heel or a heel with some glitz on the toe.

Also before the post is over I posted some links to some of my favorite vintage cartoons I still LOVE that remind me of Halloween and I just adore and really wanted to share.

So to start here is my Hippie last-minute Halloween Costume:

Hippie Halloween costume

For this Hippie Costume what you definitely need is a pair of bell bottom or flared jeans. I love a super light blue color denim because it seems just a bit more authentic but whatever you have works well. For the top anything loose-fitting and flowy. Something floral is great or even a button down top and add a fur best works too. Since I don’t really have anything like that finding a lacy flowy top is what I would use. I would also top it with a kimono type jacket. I love this one but I also have a floral and fringe one that works well too. It also works for a flapper costume which I wore in my flapper video. Add round sunnies, a floppy hat and a fringe bag. Create some natural waves in your hair to give it that effortless bed head. And there you have it. A super quick and fun Halloween Costume.


NEXT: I re did my flapper video. The first one was SOOOOO long, this re-do isn’t any better because all I see is my double chin but I really wanted to do it again. PLUS you get to see my new red hair. Here is the link to the youtube video http://youtu.be/geo9c3K29e4



FINALLY: Three of my favorite vintage cartoons that feel perfect for Halloween that I LOVE. The remind me of my childhood!


1. KOKO the Clown sings “St.James Infirmary Blues” in Belly Boop’s Snow White (sung by Cab Calloway)


{The link to the video on youtube http://youtu.be/aDATXtewPrg }

2. Sleepy Hollow by Disney



{The link to the video on youtube http://youtu.be/dxX66vLSZoQ}

3. Skeleton Dance by Silly Symphony-Disney Cartoons 1929


{The link to the video on youtube: http://youtu.be/h03QBNVwX8Q}



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