It’s Here!!! My first Official Video!!

I did it. I stepped out of my box and completely put myself out there! It was fun but of course my first time around it didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped. My camera kept dying on me and I didn’t have enough memory.

I was nervous and just kept talking so I had to cut a bunch down so it’s a little choppy and not the best so I am sorry. I hope the next one I decide to do is much better.

Since I don’t have the ability to embed videos to my blog yet here is the link to the Youtube video


So!!! The video is a Halloween tutorial for a flapper or boardwalk empire inspired costume. I mostly did just a hair and makeup look but I did talk about the costume.




What I recommend to get the look is to have at least one day dirty hair I use a Kerastase product for my hair after I shower which adds some hold and some texture to my hair and I also add a sea salt spray to add some wave. To get the wave I used a triple barrel iron to get the impression of a finger wave and then I just scrunched up the bottom of my hair and pinned under to give the illusion of a bob. add a soft hold hairspray I used Oribe which is my absolute favorite.

For hair accessories, you can take any type of headband that looks a little glamorous and just add it like I did above. You can also take a headband with any type of adornment like a feather or jewels or both. Also take a scarf preferably in a solid color but shiny like below and just twist and tie.




the steps are in the video but I wanted to put down what I used.

*FOUNDATION-Chanel Perfection Lumiere Long-wear Flawless Fluid Makeup

* CONCEALER– Chanel Correcteur perfection Long Lasting Concealer

* COLOR CORRECTOR– Amore Pacifica

*BLUSH-Dame by MAC

*EYE SHADOW-Color Tattoo creme shadow in Pomegranate Punch, Sketch by MAC & Malt by MAC

*MASCARA-L’oreal double extend mascara

*LIPS-Saboteur by Marc Jacobs


What I am wearing is a White dress from Stylemint but I recommend a very loose drop waist like dress, my jacket/kimono is from ASOS, Jewelry wise I am wearing a locket that used to be my grandmother from when she was young, a Stella & Dot multi use style necklace, A Stella & Dot bracelet, my grandmothers watch & Ring and a Stella & Dot ring and my nail color is Vintage Vamp by MAC.


Well I hope you enjoy and hopefully my next video will be much shorter and better LOL 🙂 thank you all for your support I really appreciate it!!



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