Halloween Costume: 90’s Grunge

I was definitely a 90’s kid. I remember the day when I heard Kurt Cobain died, I lived in doc Martins, floral dresses, overalls, and ripped denim. I loved raiding my dads closet for his flannels, I went to local music shows, driving to Portland to see bands. I had red hair, purple hair, orange hair (by accident). The 90’s were a generation that is now on its way back in fashion wise, but there was something amazing about this generation, the fashion, and of course the music. The music was incredible. And being a teen in the 90’s in Seattle was the best time ever.

So now that I am in my early 30’s I start to see all these 90’s fashion trends showing up lately it almost seems silly to go grunge for Halloween, but you know what? it’s the easiest costume to have. All these items are probably sitting in your closet right now. All you need to do is tweak it a little bit for the era and you got an authentic 90’s grunge Halloween costume.



{Nirvana. The epitome of the Grunge phenomenon}


{High fashion grunge for the fashion mags}



{This haircut of Winona Ryder’s in Reality Bites was a cut I always wanted. I still kinda do.}


tumblr_inline_mpryojyTsy1qz4rgp tumblr_mue8vlPxtz1ridsrzo1_500

{The dirty hair looks of the 90’s}

It all start with a pair of boots. 

photo (10)

I was out looking for a new pair of boots today and found these among a sea of shoes so similar to shoes i had when I was between 16-18 and I started to feel really old. I saw these and just had to reminisce by trying them on. Once I put them on I had forgotten how comfortable they were and literally indestructible they were. (I wonder if I still have my old ones somewhere at my parents.) so I took this photo today (ignore the sensor LOL) and then it made me think. These would make the best recreation to a grunge Halloween costume. However I would rock these now all day long!

So here is the look I came up with.

90's Grunge: Halloween

So, when I created this look I was pretty much basing this one what I wore or people I remember wearing. The most popular thing girls wore were floral dresses with black tights and their doc martins with a flannel, leather jacket and a hat. I actually wore the above look quite a lot. except I didn’t wear red lips all that often. I actually still own my cut off shorts. Worn in cut off denim shorts are pretty popular right now so you are probably bound to have some. If you don’t its soooo easy to do it.

What I should now is have a video how-to, but I don’t so hopefully this helps lol. What you want to do is find a pair of denim hopefully already fairly worn, if they are all you need to do is cut. What I do is actually cut right above the knee and then I put them on so I can see where I want them to hit. At that point I just keep cutting to the length I want. At this point they will look just newly cut what you want to do is just start fraying them little by little either pulling at the threads or taking the sharp part of your scissors and just scraping the area you just cut. If you want some areas worn on the pockets just use some sand paper to rough it up. If you want the torn look like above just slice with the scissors and also take that sand paper or something rough to rub on the areas sliced. Also toss them in the washer/dryer a couple of times too.

THE HAIR: My recommendation to get the full effect is to not wash your hair for a couple of days. Literally LOL. You want your hair to have some serious texture, the whole look grunge was to look well, grungy lol. Also, if you want to add some temporary vibrant color like a red or something. ONLY if you wanted to. definitely don’t have to.

With the flannel it was usually wrapped around the waist and top the concert tee with a leather jacket. You can wear a knit cap or even a hat similar to this one worn in Singles. 



This costume is super easy and fun and can wear it again separately or totally together 🙂


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