Halloween Costume-Pleasantville/Grayscale

Since Halloween is only 19 days away it’s time to start thinking about your Halloween costume. Maybe you already have decided what to be, maybe you don’t get into the holiday (which is fine) or maybe you want to just go as something easy but unique. Each day until Halloween I am going to try to recreate some of the Halloween costumes I have either done or have always wanted to try to recreate for Halloween.

The first Halloween costume I wanted to do was something that I know has been done before but I hadn’t really seen it done until I was watching RuPaul’s Drag Race and saw Detox in the below look. I loved it. It looked like a lone actor from a vintage black and white film on stage. It was brilliant. Then I was watching Pleasantville, and then I started youtubing grayscale makeup and saw a gal who did this for a costume and I thought it was brilliant. So I have to give whoever she was props for this. What I wanted to do though is instead of head to toe black and white what thought would be fun was to add a bright pop of red to the lips. Or carry a bright hand bag. So these are a few photos from the movie and grayscale make up and then my look.


{Detox in Grayscale}

tumblr_ll30y0qTrw1qhqg0d pleasantville Pleasantville

{three photos from Pleasantville}

Halloween Costume

With grayscale you can choose to do what ever type of costume you would like. 1920’s, modern-day, anything. I chose to go the Pleasantville route.


1. The makeup seems like most detailed portion so what I did was just add a link to a grayscale youtube make up tutorial that was pretty detailed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDWKr3LtxnI

2. You can choose to either buy a wig for a white hair look or a wig for dark hair. If you happen to have lighter or darker hair you can create a really loose wave hair style with hot rollers like this picture of me from a couple of years ago when I was going to go as a 50’s pin-up gal. Here is a youtube video to get a longer soft wave and one for shorter hair.

In this photo I hadn’t brushed the girls out yet but what I did was use hot rollers and let them set for about 15-20 minutes. Enough time for me to complete my make up.

photo (4)

Short hair: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUhCSbQrxp4

Long hair: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElTkmH8f6pU  (Sunnie Brook Jones is one of my favorite bloggers/youtubers)

3. The costume is probably something you could put together from your very own closet. In the movie most of the girls wore full skirts, button up shirts, cardigans, socks and saddle shoes or flats, however there is a scene in the movie where a girl walks down the street in a pencil skirt and fitted sweater and heels. I wanted to sort of replicate that because I think about what I have in my closet and I have a lot of pencil skirts and not many fuller skirts. The best kind of cardigan is something with a crew neck, 3/4 length sleeves and maybe an embroidered pattern. If you don’t have something like that I would go with just a cardigan that hits shorter and more fitted. The long boyfriend like cardigans out now wouldn’t really be the best match. If you’re doing grayscale then you want to probably choose a white button down, a black sweater, black skirt and black heels. Keep accessories black and white.

4. Now, if your just going the grayscale route then your pretty much done, but because the fun with this movie is the bits of color that starts to show up, this is what I wanted to add. What I decided I would incorporated into this costume would be a bold red lip. You could add a flower in your hair, a pop of color in your shoes or purse.

So that is my first Halloween costume idea of the season! what are you going as for Halloween? do you like to take part in Halloween?


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